Songs from My Childhood

Songs from My Childhood 2-15-13

It’s taken me eight solid days to compile this list…and I can’t lie, I’m relieved I’m finally finished!  It’s mostly for my own reference, so I wanted it to be comprehensive.  I went through our old cassette tapes, kids movies, my mom’s CD collection, and brainstormed like whoa, and I am finally ready to release this soundtrack to my childhood.  Yes Smilie  So, without further adieu…

Lullabies and Kids Songs

“Rock-a-bye Baby”

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

“Mary Had a Little Lamb”

“The Alphabet Song”

“A-a-apple Phonics Song” by Sue Dickson

This is probably one of the first songs I ever learned.  Taught me the alphabet as well as phonics.  We had the whole thing tacked up on the wall and we’d walk around singing it just like the little girl in the video.  D’aww!

“Happy Birthday to You”

“Happy Birthday to You” – Variation

This snarky version of the Birthday song was taught to me at Sunday School by some boys.  Naturally.  Tongue2

“The Itsy Bitsy Spider”

“I’m a Little Teapot”

“Old MacDonald Had a Farm”


“Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

“London Bridge is Falling Down”

Growing up, I thought it was “London Bridges Falling Down”.  heh heh  But me and my friends played this game/sang the song a lot.  Yes Smilie

“This Old Man”

“Three Little Fishies” by Kay Kyser

“There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”

“There’s a Hole in the Bucket”

When I was around four, my mom was babysitting another little kid, and at lunch he started singing this song to my mom, because there was a hole in his sandwich.  “There’s a hole in my sandwich, Mrs. ______, Mrs. ______!”  Skype Old giggle

“The Water Buffalo Song” from VeggieTales

“I Love You” from Barney and Friends

“Michael Finnegan” from Barney and Friends

“John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” from Barney and Friends

“99 Bottles of Coke”

TV Show Themes

“The Song That Doesn’t End” from Lamb Chop’s Play-Along

“Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego” by Rockapella

Quigley’s Village Theme

My brother and I used to hum this to each other to put ourselves to sleep when we were little.  Skype Old mm

The Gospel Bill Show Theme

Reading Rainbow Theme

Barney and Friends Theme

Touched by an Angel Theme


“Limbo Rock” by Chubby Checker

“Downtown” by Petula Clark

The two songs above are ones I distinctly remember skating and roller blading to at Skate City as a kid.  *sniffle*  Great memories.

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles

I remember this song coming over the air waves in a Taco Bell when I was young, and my Mom freaking out and telling us she used to be in love with Paul McCartney.  One of my first introductions to non-Christian music.  heh heh

Christian Songs / Artists

Michael W. Smith is my favorite singer, and I grew up with a lot of his earlier songs on cassette tapes.  I re-discovered him as a tween and have been in love ever since.  These are songs of his I remember from childhood…

“Nothin’ But The Blood” by Michael W. Smith

“Agnus Dei” by Michael W. Smith

“Great is the Lord” by Michael W. Smith

“Lamu” by Michael W. Smith

“My Place in This World” by Michael W. Smith

“Love Crusade” by Michael W. Smith

“Cross My Heart” by Michael W. Smith

“Hand of Providence” by Michael W. Smith

“The Throne” by Michael W. Smith

“I’ll Be Around” by Michael W. Smith

“Awesome God” by Michael W. Smith

Keith Green’s voice can still bring me to tears, even though I’ve drifted far from my Christian upbringing.  His songs will always have a very special place in my heart.

“Your Love Broke Through” by Keith Green

“No One Believes in Me Anymore” by Keith Green

“Because of You” by Keith Green

“Lies” by Keith Green

“You are the One” by Keith Green

“He’ll Take Care of the Rest” by Keith Green

“You” by Keith Green

“Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful” by Keith Green

These are some of the worship songs ingrained in my memory from age five and under…

“Lift Jesus Higher” by Vineyard from You Are Here/Hosanna

“Hosanna” by Vineyard from You Are Here/Hosanna

“It’s Your Blood” by Vineyard from You Are Here/Hosanna

“Wounded Soldier” by Danny Daniels (originally from You Are Here/Hosanna)

“I Believe in Jesus” by Marc Nelson from Change My Heart Oh God

“Hosanna” by Carl Tuttle from Change My Heart Oh God

“Refiner’s Fire” by Brian Doerksen from Change My Heart Oh God

“More Love, More Power” by Keith Matten

Twila Paris is a voice I grew up on, along with Kelly Willard and so many others.  My favorite Twila Paris songs are from her Christmas album, which you’ll find further down.  I can never get over how clear and beautiful her voice is.

“We Will Glorify” by Twila Paris

“He is Exalted” by Twila Paris

“Run To You” by Twila Paris

“The Warrior is a Child” by Twila Paris

“We Bow Down” by Twila Paris

I don’t remember many songs directly from the sibling band 2nd Chapter of Acts, but I definitely remember Matthew Ward’s voice as a staple of my later childhood.  I love his harmonies, and his album My Redeemer is full of some of my favorite worship songs.  My teenaged brother recognized him in a store once and tickled him pink by knowing who he was, decades after the Jesus Music craze.  BigGrin

“Easter Song” by 2nd Chapter of Acts

“Takin’ the Easy Way” by 2nd Chapter of Acts

“To the King” by Matthew Ward

“My Redeemer” by Matthew Ward

“There is a Redeemer” by Matthew Ward

“All That I Am” by Annie Herring

Cheri Keaggy’s first album came out when I was eight years old.  It was a constant in our house, and I find the music very calming, now.

“Make My Life an Altar” by Cheri Keaggy

“Worship Medley: We Have Come To Worship Him / There is Joy in the Lord” by Cheri Keaggy

“Little Boy On His Knees” by Cheri Keaggy

I was surprised to find so many Amy Grant songs conjuring up memories of the past, but I guess the truth is, my parents had more of her tapes than Michael W. Smith’s.  Wink Smilie  These are my favorites from her, though I snipped a half-dozen more off the list that I clearly remember from childhood.

“El Shaddai” by Amy Grant

“Thy Word” by Amy Grant

“Stay for Awhile” by Amy Grant

“Takes a Little Time” by Amy Grant

“Baby Baby” by Amy Grant

“Lead Me On” by Amy Grant

“Emmanuel” by Amy Grant

“Love Will Find a Way” by Amy Grant

“Everywhere I Go” by Amy Grant

“Father’s Eyes” by Amy Grant

“Big Yellow Taxi” by Amy Grant

“Willing Heart” by Kelly Willard

“I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb” by Ray Boltz

“We Are the Reason” by David Meece

“A Song in the Night” by Silverwind

“Amazing Grace” by Judy Collins

“Gospel Train” from Smoky Mountain Sunday

“The Coloring Song” by Petra

“Fight the Fight” from Fight the Fight: Rescue the Unborn

“Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”

When I was growing up, this was my mom’s favorite hymn, and we often sang it in house church.  It always filled me with a sense of awe.

“From The Rising Of The Sun”

I honestly never heard a recorded version of this song, so I’m just linking the only one I found that has the same melody and lyrics I grew up with.  t.s.d. used to play guitar and sing this song, often at night while my brother and I were falling asleep.  When we got older we used to sing it to each other from our rooms as we were going to bed.

“Be Bold, Be Strong”

“Somebody’s Prayin’”

“He Knows My Name”

“Mighty Is Our God”

Christian Kids Songs

“Tree Song” by Evie

This song always comes to mind when I think of Christian kids music.  It was my favorite slow song as a kid, and it still makes me sniffle now when I listen to it.  Evie’s voice is so pretty.

“Knock, Knock, Knock” from Bullfrogs and Butterflies

This was my number one favorite song as a kid.  I could have sung it all day long.  I even remember the first time I heard it.  I was less than five years old, being babysat at a friend’s house, and we were jumping on a little rebounder and rewinding the song over and over and jumping to it until we couldn’t breathe.  Jump1

“Wake Up, You Sleepyhead” by Rhett Parrish from Brentwood Kids Company Sampler

This song drove t.s.d. nuts, but my brother and I used to love it when we were little.

“John 1:1, 2, & 14” from G.T. and the Halo Express

“Heaven is a Wonderful Place” from Kids Praise 1

“Lord Be Glorified” from Kids Praise 2

“Welcome to Critter County” by Christine Wyrtzen from Critter County

“Deep and Wide”

“Oh, How I Love Jesus”

“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”

We used to have a thick white hardcover book and a cassette tape that went by this name.  I don’t remember much about them other than it was a bunch of kids running around singing this song.  But I can’t find it anywhere, so if anyone has any idea what it was, I’d love to know.  GiveUp


“I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing”

My Grandma gave me a Cardinal music box that played this song when I was very young.  It broke and I never knew what the song was until probably fifteen years later, when a Coca-Cola commercial from the 70’s was played during a football game and I recognized it.

“Teddy Bears’ Picnic”

This song plays in a little pink music box I’ve had since I was four or five.  It’s one of my favorite possessions.  I lost the little bear that rotated inside the music box on the street once, and it got run over by a car.  But a few years later, we found one that matched exactly!  He has a little red bowtie.  Skype happy  My box is so old, I’m almost afraid to play it now, but it still sounds as good as it ever did!  I love it so much and sometimes it can still make me cry.

“Music Box Dancer” by Frank Mills

I remember being four or five years old and always seeing the sheet music to this song sitting on our old Kincaid piano.  We had two versions – one was Easy Piano, the other was a bit more difficult.  Mom didn’t know how to play the piano but she loved this song, so she used to work on learning it.  She would get pretty good, then not play it for a few years, then try to learn again.  It’s been a long time since she asked to play the piano in my room, but I have heard her listening to the song on YouTube in her room every once in awhile.  This song makes me feel happy and sad at the same time, but I really love it.  It’s very sweet and pretty…simple, yet when I play it I want to hear it over and over.


My brother and I used to whistle this at each other in the mornings alllllll the time.  bounce

“Devotion” by Hadley Hockensmith

The entire Heartsongs album by Hadley Hockensmith is like a lullaby to me.  It pretty much reduces me to nostalgic tears every single time.  I adore it.

“Pachelbel’s Canon in D” by Lee Galloway

Piano Songs I Played

“Mary Had a Little Lamb”

This was the very first song I learned on the piano, when I was four or five.  My mom taught it to me.  Sometime after that, I started lessons, which continued into my early teens.


Definitely one of my favorite songs I learned as a kid, this is probably what started my love of Spanish music.

“Light and Blue”

Easy as heck but still one of my favorite songs to play.  I’ve known this since I was six years old.

“Heart and Soul”

Some friends from Texas visited us when my brother and I were young, and taught us to play this duet.  A few years later when I was around twelve, we met a girl who could play the duet alone.  Naturally, my brother and I wouldn’t be shown up by some girl, so we both taught ourselves to do the same.  bigrazz

“Autumn Glow”

Beautiful and heart-rendingly sad, I absolutely love this song.

“Staccato Caprice”

So fun to play, and easy to jazz up and add things to, as is the previous “Light and Blue”.  I’ve always played this about ten times faster than the girl in the video.  Bliss  hehe

“Now Do We Fight Them” by Bruce Rowland from Return to Snowy River (2:30-4:30)

For Bertha.

“The Knuckle Song”

“Ten Little Indians”

“The Purple Cow”

Christmas Songs

“O Holy Night” by Twila Paris and Matthew Ward

It’s been a tradition that this is the first Christmas song we play every year, while decorating the house.  It always makes Mom get teary-eyed and it has become one of my favorite Christmas songs, as well.

“Hallelujah Chorus” by Twila Paris

“I Saw Three Ships” by Twila Paris

“The Promise” by Michael Card

“Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)” by Amy Grant

“Tennessee Christmas” by Amy Grant

“Christmas is a Time to Love” from Psalty’s Christmas Calamity

“The Little Drummer Boy” from Kids’ Christmas Sing-a-long

“I’m Gonna Wrap Myself Up for Christmas” from Psalty’s Family Christmas Sing-a-long

“Go Tell It on the Mountain”

“All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”

The rest are songs featured in movies, or film scores…

Animal Movies

“The Ride” etc. by Carmine Coppola from The Black Stallion (37:30 to 44:20)

“Together Again” by Georges Delerue from The Black Stallion Returns

Black Beauty Theme by Danny Elfman

Beautiful music from a very sad and touching horse movie.  Conf2

“Roll Over Beethoven” by Paul Shaffer & The World’s Most Dangerous Band, featured in Beethoven

“Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson from Free Willy

I remember playing with my friend Lindsey to this song as the whales breached and splashed onscreen.  We would put our arms up like we were diving, and “pshhh” and splash all over the living room.  Blink

“Born Free” by Matt Monro from Born Free

I loved this movie when I was little, and I named one of my early stuffed animals after the lioness.  However, I also loved The Lion King, so I named her for that, as well…  The result?  Elsa Nala…


Animated Movies

“Looking For Romance (I Bring You a Song)” by Cast from Bambi

A lot of the music from Bambi scared me when I was very little, but this piece is really beautiful and swayful.  Roll2

“I Just Can’t Wait to be King” by Jason Weaver, Laura Williams, and Rowan Atkinson from The Lion King

Still my favorite Disney movie.  It was so hard to choose a song, but I decided to go with the songs that were my favorites as a child, or that made the deepest impression on me at that age, and this was the one.  Jump9

“Friend Like Me” by Robin Williams from Aladdin

“Forget About Love” by Liz Callaway, Gilbert Gottfried, and Brad Kane from The Return of Jafar

“Cruella De Vil” by Bill Lee from 101 Dalmatians

“Goodbye May Seem Forever” by Jeanette Nolan from The Fox and the Hound

This song made my four year old self shiver with tears I tried so very hard to hold back.  It still breaks me up when I listen to it.

“Be Our Guest” by Jerry Orbach and Angela Lansbury from Beauty and the Beast

“Let Me Be Your Wings” by Gary Imhoff and Jodi Benson from Thumbelina

“A Fair is a Veritable Schmorgasboard-orgasboard-orgasboard” by Agnes Moorehead and Paul Lynde from Charlotte’s Web

I have a different favorite song from Charlotte’s Web now, but when I was little, the above was the funnest, and therefore, my favorite.  hehe

“Heigh-Ho” by Cast from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

My brother and I used to pretend we were dwarfs.  Skype happy  He was Doc and I switched between Dopey and Bashful.

End Credits by Bruce Broughton from The Rescuers Down Under

“I Wanna Be Like You” by Louis Prima, Phil Harris, and Bruce Reitherman from The Jungle Book

“Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat” by Cast from The Aristocats

Kids Movies

“Let’s Get Together” by Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills from The Parent Trap

“I Get Around” by The Beach Boys, featured in Flight of the Navigator

“Let’s Go Fly a Kite” by Cast from Mary Poppins

I remember being sublimely happy, singing this song to myself as I played on the swings at my friend’s house.  *sniffles*  Rainbow

“A Place of My Own” by Jennifer Edwards from Heidi

“Kindle My Heart” by Liesel Matthews from A Little Princess

“We Are the Champions” by Queen, featured in The Mighty Ducks

Western Movies

“Jessica’s Theme” by Bruce Rowland from The Man from Snowy River

I grew up watching this and the following film, and the music is some of my favorite in the world.  I learned many of the songs on piano before the age of ten, and even my teacher struggled to get through them at first.  Extremely beautiful, sometimes sad, and often intricate, I will always love Bruce Rowland’s scores.

“Skill at Arms” by Bruce Rowland from Return to Snowy River

“Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” by Frankie Laine from Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

As a kid, I loved this song so much that I hand-wrote all the lyrics as I played and rewound the VHS over and over.  Jump6

“El Dorado” by George Alexander from El Dorado

I couldn’t find the score by Nelson Riddle, though that is what I loved best from El Dorado when I was young – the suspenseful music as they’re walking down either side of the street!

Theme by Elmer Bernstein from The Magnificent Seven

Theme by Elmer Bernstein from The Sons of Katie Elder

“Here’s to the Ladies” by Frankie Avalon (originally by Frankie Avalon and Chill Wills from The Alamo)

“I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen” by Ken Curtis from Sons Of The Pioneers, featured in Rio Grande

I love this song, it’s so sad and beautiful!

Old Movies

“Baby Elephant Walk” by Henry Mancini from Hatari!

Still one of my favorites to play on piano.

“Prelude” by Elmer Bernstein from The Ten Commandments

“The Galley” by Miklos Rozsa from Ben-Hur

Oh God, the suspense and tension of this scene in Ben-Hur is only topped by the incredible chariot race!  They just don’t make music or movies like this, anymore…

“Ave Caesar” by Miklos Rozsa from Quo Vadis

“Legend and Epilogue” by Miklos Rozsa from El Cid (1:45)

“In The Meadow” by Debbie Reynolds from How The West Was Won

I didn’t realize until about a year ago, but I absolutely adore Debbie Reynold’s voice, and it’s partially due to this song, and mostly due to her singing in Charlotte’s Web.  I started tearing up when I re-watched this movie, and didn’t understand why.  Her voice just touches something deep inside me.  When I researched her name, I discovered she was the voice of Charlotte.  Skype Old mm

“Amen” by Jester Hairston (dubbing Sidney Poitier) from Lilies of the Field

This did it, I’ve had a soft spot for hand-clappin’ black church music ever since!  Bliss

Musicals / Shows

“Barn Dance” by Gene de Paul from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

This is one of my all-time favorite movies, and it was so hard to choose a favorite song.  In the end, I thought back to how I felt about this movie as a little kid, and the barn dance and fight were unquestionably my most favorite part!  Trendy

“Do Re Mi” by Julie Andrews and Cast from The Sound of Music

“Mandy” by Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney from White Christmas

This is hands-down my favorite Christmas movie ever, and this sequence is the most exciting part!  I used to sneak around the house with my little heart belt cinched tight past all the holes, dancing around like a goon pretending I was Vera-Ellen.  Skype Old giggle

“Riverdance” with Michael Flatley from Riverdance

“You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two” by Ron Moody from Oliver!

“It’s the Hard-Knock Life” by Aileen Quinn from Annie

Christian Movies

“Give it Away” from Colby’s Missing Memory (6:33-9:13)

Christian Beach Boys rip-off at it’s best!  Trendy

“God’s Love is the Rule” from The Donut Man

My first introduction to rap.  Tongue2

“The Recipe Song” from Kid’s Praise 4! – Singsational Servants

“Cares Chorus” from Kids’ Praise 5 – Psalty’s Camping Adventure

“I am a C-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n” from The Sunday Sing-a-Long Video (Maranatha! Kids) (21:41-23:18)

Definitely one of my favorite songs when I was in Sunday School at like, age four.  *giggles*  It just gets faster and faster and faster and oh my gosh, it’s so funnnn!  Roll2

Misc. Movies

“Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier” by Mark O’Connor and James Taylor from Liberty!

I finally figured out why I love James Taylor’s voice.  None Smilie  It’s because I grew up listening to this song and loving it!

“M’appari tutt’amor” by Friedrich von Flotow, featured in Skylark

This song is in a very touching scene in the movie Skylark, with Glenn Close, and I just love it.  I have three or four versions.  MSN redrose

Day 5 – Six Songs That You’re Addicted To

Day 5 - Six Songs That You're Addicted To 1-24-13

Six Songs That You’re Addicted To

  1. “What Goes Around…” by Alesana  I listen to this song on repeat all the damn time, I can’t get enough.  I’ve worn the Punk Goes Pop CD out so bad it almost always skips in the beginning, now.
  2. “Beautiful Girls” by Bayside  This is another song from Punk Goes Pop Volume Two.  I love singing this song an octave above the band, it’s fun and challenging.
  3. “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz (Live on Earth)  This has been my favorite song for a year or two, now.  Still love it!
  4. “Imma Be” by The Black Eyed Peas  I pretty much have The E.N.D. CD in my car at all times, and this is one of my favorite songs to bump.  Yes Smilie
  5. “Christmas 1915” by Celtic Thunder  This song is sad and beautiful and I’ve been listening to it a lotttt since like the middle of summer, last year.
  6. “Hush, Little Baby” by my Daddy  I may or may not totes be addicted to my Daddy’s voice.  Whispering, speaking, singing, laughing, heavy breathing…  Wink Grin Smilie 1

And here be Daddy’s!  Jump9

Six Songs I Am Addicted To

  1. “Kickin’ Up Mud” – The Lacs
  2. “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz 
  3. “Smother Me” – The Used
  4. “Monster” – Skillet
  5. “Chicks Dig It” – Chris Cagle
  6. “Chop Suey” – System of a Down

Day 25 – A Song You Could Listen To All Day

Day 25 - A Song You Could Listen To All Day 1-15-13

A Song That You Could Listen To All Day Without Getting Tired Of

“Pressure” by Swollen Members

I used to listen to this song on replay on my way to work every day, a few years ago.  At the time, I was driving my brother’s little Civic and it had a mad subwoofer in the back.  I loved blasting this song over and over and over.  Nowadays, I forget I have it tucked into a random CD case somewhere, but when I do think of it, I usually listen to it several times over and lament my pathetic computer speakers.  Tongue Smilie

Here’s Daddy’s songs!  Jump9

A Song You Could Listen to All Day Without Getting Tired Of

My Baby actually inadvertently helped me with today’s Challenge. All the songs I was thinking of were ones that I’ve used, often more than once. And that made sense to me, because after all, they are my favorite songs for a reason! Songs that I don’t very much enjoy would get tiresome very quickly, but all the songs that I DO enjoy immensely have made it to this list in the past 25 days. So… what do I do? Then my Baby said something that made me think of Cats, and poof! Here I am! Rum Tum Tugger is my favorite character of the production because he’s got attitude, he’s laid back, gets the girl, and is crazy cool while at the same time keeping his composure, being respectful to his elders, and just walking the line between self-confidence and arrogance. I really like him as he exemplifies more how I’d like to be. I like Mungojerrie cuz I identify with his goofy, mischievous side. (Though Rum Tum Tugger has that too, in spades.) Mungojerrie comes across, to me, with a more innocent mischief. Rum Tum Tugger is more intentional about it. Then Rumpleteazer is just CRAZY cute (and sexy). And I cannot deny that Bombalurina and Demeter get my heart pumping a little faster when they sing “Macavity” and slink around the stage.  Skype New wink

Day 24 – Danced To With Best Friend Song

Day 24 - Danced To With Best Friend Song 1-15-13

A Song That You Have Danced To With Your Best Friend

“Written On My Heart” by Plus One

When we were fifteen, my best friend and I used to dance to this song while waiting in line at concerts.  Skype Old giggle  We were both quite desperately in love with Plus One, Christian music’s cleaned-up version of ‘N Sync.  I also did my first slow dance with anyone, with this girl.  And no, you pervs, we were totes innocent and straight!  …At the time.  Wink Grin Smilie 1

Daddy’s songgggs…

A Song That I Have Danced to With My Best Friend

Once more, this was a very difficult Challenge for me. As has been said in past Challenges, I don’t really dance much. As well, most of my best friends throughout my life have been male and not gay, so… yeah. Even the few female best friends, I haven’t danced with them. The only one who MIGHT count would be my ex-girlfriend. She was my best friend at that time, but is obviously no longer. Then it hit me… I’m going to twist the Challenge to, “A Song I’d Like to Dance to With My Best Friend”. And where I am in my life now, that would be my Baby.

There are two kinds of songs I will actually dance to. The first is the grooving, bumping, fast and hard beat exemplified by Day 17. The other kind is the slow dance songs where you wrap your arms around each other and just sway and maybe shuffle with the music. You know, the songs that are only really only “technically” dancing.  blah  I’d LOVE to dance with my Baby to either, but I listed more songs from the second type because the former is pretty well covered by Day 17. As well, each of these songs is a song that is somehow tied to her. Whether it’s a song that I’d like to direct the message of the songs towards her, a song that she introduced me to, or else just a song we both like (or a combination thereof), each song is connected to her somehow.

Day 23 – A Song You Cannot Stand

Day 23 - A Song You Cannot Stand 1-14-13

A Song You Cannot Stand To Listen To

I really struggled to come up with ANY songs that I simply cannot stand.  Nothing came to mind, and I’ve been contemplating this day several weeks in advance.  There are no genres that I actively dislike as a whole, and songs I don’t like, I simply don’t care for…  Nothing came to mind as something I truly couldn’t stand.  Even annoying or repetitive songs, I usually don’t mind, or I even sing along to or annoy other people with.  Evil2  However, on the brink of giving up on this day’s Challenge, I finally remembered a song I cannot stand to listen to!

“She Bangs” by William Hung from American Idol

I had the misfortune of seeing this during its original broadcast.  Um…I don’t watch American Idol anymore.  None Smilie

Here’s mah Daddy’s!

A Song I Cannot Stand 

My teeth involuntarily grind when I hear this song. Not necessarily because I detest it (I do), but for the REASON I detest it. Her voice is incredibly annoying, and beyond that the song gets flipping STUCK IN MY HEAD. It drives me absolutely BATTY. But the worst part? The WORST part? The worst part is that the lyrics are actually funny, so I have to fight to not LIKE the song. GAAAHHHH!!!!!!  angry9

Day 22 – A Song That Someone Has Sung To You

Day 22 - A Song That Someone Has Sung To You 1-13-13

A Song That Someone Has Sung To You

“Li’l Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs

My manager at my first job used to sing this to me all the time.  I was a teenager.  At his fortieth birthday party, he asked me to sleep with him and his wife.  UhOh  I declined.

The rest of the songs are all from my Daddy.  Yes Smilie  A few of them were linked with more details on a previous Challenge day.

“Hush, Little Baby” by my Daddy

He recorded this just for me, since it is my lullaby, after all, and no version quite like ours exists anywhere else.  Skype Old mm

“All The Pretty Little Ponies” by Kenny Loggins

I love horses and this song naturally made its way into Daddy’s repertoire to sing to me.  “Naturally” being I said, “Daddy, will you learn this and sing it to me?”  Skype Old giggle

“I Never Cared For You” by Willie Nelson

I linked Daddy to this song because it reminded me so much of my trust issues and how he is so patient with them.  He sings it to me once in awhile and it makes me smile.

“Soft Kitty” by Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory

“Soft Kitty” piano instrumental

Daddy and I quote this a lot, it’s so adorable!

“Hotel California” by The Eagles

This is one of my all-time favorite songs, and Daddy likes it, too.  He’ll sing it while doing other things and it makes me feel like he’s still thinking about me even if he’s multi-tasking.  Love8

Here’s Daddy’s song…

A Song Someone Has Sung to Me

As said yesterday, I made the mistake of using up all the songs early on that I should’ve saved for days like this. Ah well, live and learn. Waaaay back on Day 6 I mentioned this song and a friend of mine, Schmitty. Schmitty was and continues to be one of my best friends, though I am sad to say we’ve drifted apart. Recently I’ve discovered some hope anew in that she has actually texted me a couple times without me contacting her first. This is an oddity, she struggles against a powerful, “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. If a person is not there with her, they just kind of pass from her mind. It’s not on purpose and she doesn’t mean it in a mean way… she just doesn’t think about the people that aren’t with her. Because of this mentality, when I received her video I was shocked and very touched. As said before, she heard this song and knew I was going through a difficult time, and she took it upon herself to learn the song and play it for me. What makes it even more impressive to me is that she was, in my opinion, going through a FAR tougher time herself. So that she took the time to do something for me? That was a big deal to me. Despite having drifted apart some, I still love her deeply, and I still consider her in my top 5 friends.

Day 21 – Your Favorite Song

Day 21 - Your Favorite Song 1-12-13

Sorry about the delay, peeps.  It’s been a discombobulated week!  This Challenge was time-consuming, but even so, it is not an exhaustive list of my all-time favorite songs, but a lot of recent favorites from the last two or so years.  Have fun with the genre whip-lash.  Bliss

Your Favorite Song

“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz (Live on Earth)

This has been one of my top favorite songs for a few summers, now.  It’s just free, I can’t help but swing along with it and feel a little better.  This live version is my favorite, it brings me to my happy place.

“What Goes Around…” by Alesena

This was my go-to song for a year straight.  The CD barely left my car.  ‘Nuff said.

“Beautiful Girls” by Bayside

From the same CD as the above – Punk Goes Pop Volume Two.  Lots of fun and I love the original of this one as well.  I like to sing along an octave above.

“Give Me Everything” by Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

I dunno why but this one makes me happy and sad at the same time.  I really love it.

“Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes

This is by far my favorite rap EVER.  Busta Rhymes is a fuckin’ rock star, Chris Brown should be ashamed to even be on the same track.  Oh, and Lil Wayne is sexaaay.

“Love Lockdown” by Kanye West

This song makes me horny.  Just imagine what it does for me vibrating out of a sub.

“The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars

Super feel-good song, who couldn’t love this?!  Reminds me of T who I used to work with.  Good times.

“Leave Out All The Rest” by Linkin Park

‘Nother song that makes me sad, hit at a dark point in my life.

“Electric City” by The Black Eyed Peas

I don’t even know what to say about this song, but I’m in love.  Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day.  Evil2

“Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine

I’ve talked about this song on previous Challenge days, but it really is one of my all-time favorite songs.  *dreamy sigh*

“Folsom Prison Blues” by Everlast

People seem to either love or hate this cover of Johnny Cash’s song.  I love it and have spent many nights listening to it on repeat.

“Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye

The music and vocals are mesmerizing and I just can’t get enough of this song.

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” by Beyonce

If I weren’t already bi, I would be after seeing this video.

“Koop Island Blues” by Koop

Haunting and awesome, I first saw this on So You Think You Can Dance with the “Butt Dance”.  Epic, man.  Epic.

“Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri

So sadddd, FSM I love sad songs!  *shivers*

“Cyclone” by Baby Bash featuring T-Pain

This is one of my all-time favorite hip-hop songs.  The ONLY downside is that I can’t move my body like a cyclone.  Sad5

“Addicted2Me” by Anjulie

“Colombia” by Anjulie

“Boom” by Anjulie

Anjulie’s self-titled album spent many, many months as the only CD in my car.  I couldn’t narrow it down to one song, so there you have three of my favorites.  The first time I listened to the CD, I wasn’t terribly into it.  Then I listened again…and it was like Coltrane’s record in Mr. Holland’s Opus…I just couldn’t stop playin’ it.

“Ride On” by Celtic Thunder

“Heartland” by Celtic Thunder

Accents and long hair and pretty songs, oh my!  Celtic Thunder definitely won my heart, and these are two of my favorites.  They also had a Surfer Medley on YouTube that I adored, but sadly, ‘tis gone now.

“Dream A Little Dream Of Me” by Mama Cass

An all-time favorite song.  Just wonderful.  Skype happy

“Mr. Sandman” by Pink Champagne

After seeing the 2003 remake of The Music Man, I got all up in that barbershop quartet thang, and the ladies of Pink Champagne are the icing on the cake.

“Don’t Bring Me Down” by Electric Light Orchestra

This song is addictive and just makes me HAPPY!

“Rock ‘N Me” by Steve Miller Band

Another all-time favorite, something about this just makes me feel goooood.

“If You Want Me” by Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard

This song is gorgeous and haunting and has been a favorite since the moment I first heard it.

“Lay All Your Love On Me” by Amanda Seyfriend from Mamma Mia!

Amanda Seyfried has such a pretty, sweet voice, and this is my favorite.  I can listen to it over and over.

“Travelin’ Man” by Ricky Nelson

I know he’s a man ho and everything, but who can resist this charm?  C’mon.

“Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3

Speaking of ho’s, this song always reminds me of…oh, wait.  Nevermind!  Skype Old giggle

“Fireflies” by Owl City

Pretty sure it’s near-impossible to not like this song.  Happy feelings, woo!

“All I Have To Do Is Dream” by The Everly Brothers

*clasps heart dramatically*  I adore this song.

“Islands In The Stream” by The Bee Gees

This song is dedicated to my Daddy.  I think of you every time I hear it, and I love you so, SO much!  *snuggles close and nestles into your arms*  Mwah.  I’m so happy I’m your Baby.

Here are my Daddy’s songs.  Love2

My Favorite Song

So I’m going to be honest, I’m starting to bog down on these Challenges. Even after taking a break because I was away from my computer for a few days I’m still feeling a bit sluggish about them. I do want to finish out, but it’s getting a little harder to motivate myself to do them. In the past I was excited about these Challenges, and now I’m less excited. At first I worked hard to not repeat any songs. Then, I was okay with repeating them so long as there was some new material too. Now, I find I’ve already used both my most favorite songs, and I don’t really want to make a ginormous list, so… Today is the first day with nothing new. These are, however, my MOST favorite songs out of all the music I listen to.

For a long time “Monster” by Skillet was my favorite song. I do feel I have a lot of anger and depression lurking down inside me, and sometimes it claws its way out. However, I have a good handle on things and I manage my anger and depression well. I have coping mechanisms and support, and my life is good. That doesn’t mean the monster isn’t there though… he’s just kept in check and handled when he needs to be. That was until a few months ago when my Baby was sharing Jason Mraz “I’m Yours” with me. It’s a nice song, and I started listening to some of his other music. I came across “I Won’t Give Up” and I was just blown away. There was not a single line or stanza that DIDN’T resonate with me and it quickly became my new favorite song.

Day 1 – A Song From Your Childhood

A Song From Your Childhood

“Teddy Bears’ Picnic” (music box version – originally by John Walter Bratton)

This song plays in a little pink music box I’ve had since I was four or five.  It’s one of my favorite possessions.  I lost the little bear that rotated inside the music box on the street once, and it got run over by a car.  But a few years later, we found one that matched exactly!  He has a little red bowtie.  :)  My box is so old, I’m almost afraid to play it now, but it still sounds as good as it ever did!  I love it so much and sometimes it can still make me cry.

I search the internet every few years for the exact version I have, and today I finally found it!  So the direct link is above, or here’s the page link, if you prefer.

And here’s Daddy’s song!  Jump9

A Song From My Childhood

“Drop in the Bucket” by Acappella Children

I struggled with this challenge because there were very few songs I could actually attach to my childhood. Most songs I thought of were actually from my adolescence. However, after a bit of frustration with another song this one hit me, and I was able to find it easily. This is a song I very strongly tie to my CHILDhood. And, listening to it again… despite it’s Christian overtones I’m finding I’m identifying with some portions of it once again. Pull out the god-talk and you’re left with, “don’t stress my friend” which is how I try to live my life. So… Hakuna Matata. ;)