Day 24 – Danced To With Best Friend Song

Day 24 - Danced To With Best Friend Song 1-15-13

A Song That You Have Danced To With Your Best Friend

“Written On My Heart” by Plus One

When we were fifteen, my best friend and I used to dance to this song while waiting in line at concerts.  Skype Old giggle  We were both quite desperately in love with Plus One, Christian music’s cleaned-up version of ‘N Sync.  I also did my first slow dance with anyone, with this girl.  And no, you pervs, we were totes innocent and straight!  …At the time.  Wink Grin Smilie 1

Daddy’s songgggs…

A Song That I Have Danced to With My Best Friend

Once more, this was a very difficult Challenge for me. As has been said in past Challenges, I don’t really dance much. As well, most of my best friends throughout my life have been male and not gay, so… yeah. Even the few female best friends, I haven’t danced with them. The only one who MIGHT count would be my ex-girlfriend. She was my best friend at that time, but is obviously no longer. Then it hit me… I’m going to twist the Challenge to, “A Song I’d Like to Dance to With My Best Friend”. And where I am in my life now, that would be my Baby.

There are two kinds of songs I will actually dance to. The first is the grooving, bumping, fast and hard beat exemplified by Day 17. The other kind is the slow dance songs where you wrap your arms around each other and just sway and maybe shuffle with the music. You know, the songs that are only really only “technically” dancing.  blah  I’d LOVE to dance with my Baby to either, but I listed more songs from the second type because the former is pretty well covered by Day 17. As well, each of these songs is a song that is somehow tied to her. Whether it’s a song that I’d like to direct the message of the songs towards her, a song that she introduced me to, or else just a song we both like (or a combination thereof), each song is connected to her somehow.

Day 22 – A Song That Someone Has Sung To You

Day 22 - A Song That Someone Has Sung To You 1-13-13

A Song That Someone Has Sung To You

“Li’l Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs

My manager at my first job used to sing this to me all the time.  I was a teenager.  At his fortieth birthday party, he asked me to sleep with him and his wife.  UhOh  I declined.

The rest of the songs are all from my Daddy.  Yes Smilie  A few of them were linked with more details on a previous Challenge day.

“Hush, Little Baby” by my Daddy

He recorded this just for me, since it is my lullaby, after all, and no version quite like ours exists anywhere else.  Skype Old mm

“All The Pretty Little Ponies” by Kenny Loggins

I love horses and this song naturally made its way into Daddy’s repertoire to sing to me.  “Naturally” being I said, “Daddy, will you learn this and sing it to me?”  Skype Old giggle

“I Never Cared For You” by Willie Nelson

I linked Daddy to this song because it reminded me so much of my trust issues and how he is so patient with them.  He sings it to me once in awhile and it makes me smile.

“Soft Kitty” by Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory

“Soft Kitty” piano instrumental

Daddy and I quote this a lot, it’s so adorable!

“Hotel California” by The Eagles

This is one of my all-time favorite songs, and Daddy likes it, too.  He’ll sing it while doing other things and it makes me feel like he’s still thinking about me even if he’s multi-tasking.  Love8

Here’s Daddy’s song…

A Song Someone Has Sung to Me

As said yesterday, I made the mistake of using up all the songs early on that I should’ve saved for days like this. Ah well, live and learn. Waaaay back on Day 6 I mentioned this song and a friend of mine, Schmitty. Schmitty was and continues to be one of my best friends, though I am sad to say we’ve drifted apart. Recently I’ve discovered some hope anew in that she has actually texted me a couple times without me contacting her first. This is an oddity, she struggles against a powerful, “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. If a person is not there with her, they just kind of pass from her mind. It’s not on purpose and she doesn’t mean it in a mean way… she just doesn’t think about the people that aren’t with her. Because of this mentality, when I received her video I was shocked and very touched. As said before, she heard this song and knew I was going through a difficult time, and she took it upon herself to learn the song and play it for me. What makes it even more impressive to me is that she was, in my opinion, going through a FAR tougher time herself. So that she took the time to do something for me? That was a big deal to me. Despite having drifted apart some, I still love her deeply, and I still consider her in my top 5 friends.

Day 19 – The First Song Alphabetically

The First Song Alphabetically In Your iPod/iTunes

“ ’O Mare E Tu” by Andrea Bocelli with Dulce Pontes

See that little ’ sign just before the O?  Yeah, that’s why this song is first.  hahaha  I’m actually pretty stoked about that, because this is one of my all-time favorite songs.  Andrea Bocelli is beautiful as always, and Dulce Pontes has an incredibly strong and entrancing voice!  I have no idea what this song is about, but it’s been a favorite for about a decade, now.  Tongue2

Here’s my Daddy’s!!!

The First Song Alphabetically in My iPod/iTunes

I have to be blunt and honest, I’m glad a country song was first on my list. I have a lot of music that I listen to, and although I know country songs have made it into my challenges I feel that they have been under-represented. So… add another! I love this song too. It almost made it to the “Songs I Sing Along With” Challenge, but it got cut (sadly) because the list was too long. It’s got a fast beat and lyrics that make me wiggle happily. So yeah, glad this song came up.

Day 17 – Dance Song

Truth be told, I like dancing, I just suck at it.  So there are a lot of songs I’d like to dance to, but I just can’t do it so I don’t think about it too much.  However, my favorite show is So You Think You Can Dance.  Dancing Stick Man

A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

“Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine

This song always reminds me of a girl I used to have a crush on, S.  We’d play this song over and over and sigh dreamily, talking about dancing to it with “boys”.  I still sway whenever I listen to it, and think about waltzing.  *sniffles*

Here’s mah Daddy’s!

A Song That Makes Me Want To Dance

“Kickin’ Up Mud” by The Lacs (Yeah, I know, that song pops up a LOT…)

So this actually turned out to be a difficult Challenge as well, but not for the reasons I expected. I’m not a very good dancer, and thusly am very self-conscious about my dancing. So although a lot of songs will make me nod, drum my fingers, move my hands, or tap my feet, it takes a particular mood and just the right song to actually make me dance. Because of that I figured I was going to have a difficult time finding a song for this Challenge. I was pleasantly surprised when I found several, then my surprise turned to concern as I kept finding more and more. Eventually I ended up editing songs OUT of the list to make it more reasonably sized. So there it is! Also, I actually had to think about what dancing is, because the above things don’t actually constitute dancing. Nodding along with music is not dancing, and neither is snapping or drumming my fingers. Tapping my feet and swaying with the music gets closer, but it’s borderline. So I finally defined dancing (for me) as anything that makes me want to wiggle my hips.

So with all that said, I chose the above songs because when they come on I invariably find myself wiggling around, moving, and grooving along with the music. Most of the songs just have an awesome beat, and I was highly amused to find that Hip-hop/Rap makes me move the most. There’s a little Country and Rock in there, as well as a couple others that I’m not sure what the genre is, but overall it was Hip-Hop and Rap that made me move the most. Lastly, I want to comment again that “Party in the USA” is forever ruined (or given hope, not sure which?) for me due to the guy that signs it. The song itself isn’t anything more than just a catchy song that gets stuck in my head annoyingly. But now with it I always think of Stephen Torrence and his signing, and that makes me smile. So now when I hear it, I start signing the parts I know as well. Which includes, “moving my hips like yeah”. I can’t win…  tongue

Day 16 – A Song That Has Made You Cry

Sorry about the delay, it’s been a very busy Christmas/New Year’s time!  I’m catching up to Daddy, he’s way ahead of me on the Challenges right now!

A Song That Has Made You Cry

Believe it or not, this list was about twice as big as it is, and I cut a ton of songs out…  What can I say, this is what comes of holding tears in for the first quarter-century you’re alive.  Blink

“Memory” by Elaine Paige and Helen Massie from Cats

Cats or not, the story of Grizabella gets to me and this song is, of course, the epitome of all the emotion in the show.  Besides Grizabella’s heartbreaking singing, there’s Jemima standing up singing about sweet hope and beautiful things.  I just love the song and I also associate it with my Grandma who passed away a few years ago.  She loved the song and we bought her a little music box that played it.  When it finally broke, we searched until we found another one, it was a magnet for her fridge.  Love8

“He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones

This song makes me cry every time.  I swear it’s the saddest song in country music.

“Numb” piano instrumental, originally by Linkin Park

This song is deeply tied to a time in my life when everything was falling apart around me.  Numb is a very good description of how I was feeling during those years, because I couldn’t understand or face everything I was feeling, it was buried too deep.  I like the original version of this song, of course, but this version just slices me wide open.  I used to be able to play most of it on piano, but it’s been a few years.  Very emotional stuff…

“Moonlight Sonata”

Probably my number one favorite piece of classical music ever.  It’s so haunting and beautiful and sad.

“The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

This song can make me sob outright.  Its story is different from mine, but the feelings are the same, and it conveys everything I feel about the house I grew up in and the happy times there, and where I’m at in life right now.  Conf2

“No Matter What” by Boyzone, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Something about Sir Andrew’s music just stirs deep emotion for me.  With or without the lyrics and voices, this song can bring tears to my eyes.  I often find myself singing it absent-mindedly.

“Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt

This was a song for my ex, Michael.  I used to listen to it on the way to work at 4:00 A.M.  It was unrequited love, so there were a lot of tears shed on those dark mornings.

“Somewhere My Love (Lara’s Theme)” by Henry Mancini from Dr. Zhivago

“Somewhere My Love (Lara’s Theme)” by Chet Atkins from Dr. Zhivago

“Somewhere My Love (Lara’s Theme)” by Ray Conniff from Dr. Zhivago

I honestly couldn’t decide which version of this song to link.  It always reminds me of my Grandma because Dr. Zhivago was one of her favorite films.  When we were at a hotel spending time with her and all the family, there was a piano player during tea and she requested this song.  I love all three of the versions I linked.  Henry Mancini’s is similar to the film score, it has that wonderful shimmery feel to it.  Chet Atkins’ is simple yet inspiring, just completely beautiful.  Ray Conniff’s has that dreamy, swinging feel to it that just makes me want to waltz.  I love you, Grandma!  MSN redrose

“Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers

“Unchained Melody” by Il Divo

Truth be told, both the original and the gorgeous foreign language version by Il Divo can bring tears to my eyes.  The music is nothing less than incredible and I need not mention the lyrics.  *dreamy sigh*

“Home In The Meadow” by Debbie Reynolds from How The West Was Won

Debbie Reynolds’ voice is like a lullaby to me, partly because of this song from this film, and partly because she is the voice of Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web, which I watched over and over growing up.  Her voice, while comforting, also makes me incredibly emotional and often sad.  I could listen to this song forever.

“No Bravery” by James Blunt

If the music and lyrics weren’t devastating enough, there are many live versions of this song on YouTube where James Blunt is in tears sharing this song with his audience.  I’ve linked the album version, as I cannot pick which of the live versions is most moving.

“For The Good Times” by Ray Price

This song comes to mind for several ex’s, and it’s just a sad and lovely song in general.  I’ve certainly cried many a tear listening to it, driving alone in the car.  *sniffles*  One of my all-time favorite songs.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

I purposefully linked this with a Christian The Lion video…  The combination always brings me to tears.  I’m sure a lot of you have heard the story of Christian, but a brief summary is, he was for sale in a store as a cub.  These two men bought him and raised him for a year, then decided to send him out into the wilds of Africa.  About a year after he’d been fully integrated into the wild, they returned to see him, and the result is the climax of this video.  *sniffles*

“Wild Horses” by Natasha Bedingfield from Flicka

As you can see from the last song, I’m a major sucker for animals, and horses are my favorite.  For that reason, I loved the movie Flicka, and the scene where Flicka is taken away is just awful and sad, and this is the song they play during that scene.

“I Dreamed A Dream” by Ruthie Henshall from Les Miserables

I don’t have one particular favorite version of this song, but this is the first one I heard, so I’m using that.  The lyrics slay me every time.

“Life And Death” by Michael Giacchino from Lost

This instrumental is played during several death scenes on one of my favorite TV shows, Lost.  I won’t give away the one that really hurt, but I’ll just say this music both gives me hope, sadness, and tears.

“I Told You So” by Carrie Underwood

This song isn’t linked to anyone in my life, but it always makes me incredibly emotional, as if I know exactly how she’s feeling.

“The Winner Takes It All” by Meryl Streep from Mamma Mia!

This is a very emotional, gut-wrenching scene from Mamma Mia!, which sadly I have yet to see on stage.  But I really do like the film version…humor, sadness, songs, and all the rest.  Meryl Streep is fabulous in this scene and I feel everything she’s feeling…love, shame, despair, anger, resignation…it’s just amazing.

“Angel Standing By” by Jewel from Return To Me

This is from a heartbreaking scene in one of my favorite movies, Return To Me.  The storyline during this song would give anyone chills, and I fight back the tears every single time.  The beauty and the sadness is incredible.

“Goodbye May Seem Forever” by Jeanette Nolan from The Fox And The Hound

This is one of my first memories of trying not to cry.  I was around four and I tried so hard not to cry, but I couldn’t help it.  Conf2

And here’s Daddy’s…

A Song That Has Made Me Cry

I have a very distinct memory of lying in bed, my head buried under a pillow and my covers so my roommate wouldn’t hear, and bawling my eyes out to this song. I was listening to it and thinking of K (past girlfriend) and missing her terribly. She wasn’t actually thousands of miles away, in fact only about 300, but it was enough. I drove to see her about every 3-4 weeks, which was killer on gas because I was a poor college student. But dammit, I loved her, and I did it. Then after two years she dumped me. Not the sharpest crayon on the tree, eh?

By now is should be very obvious that I love my Baby very, very much. She seems to think I’m special for some reason, and that she needs me. I love her and do my best to support her, but I don’t think she really understands just how much I need her… That is why I try my absolute best to give her every shred of love I can muster. She may not agree, but I think she’s amazing and I give of myself freely. So these two songs regularly put the squeeze on my heart. I love you, Baby.

I love kids. I was one myself once even. (Still am in many ways too.  tongue) So it rends my heart when parents are not what they should be. Not every parent or parenting style is the same, and I can accept that. But some parents just… *Sighs* Anyways, the first song is like a knife in the chest to me, not only because it is sad but because of how true and common it is. My own father wasn’t an alcoholic, but despite being present in my life he was still absent in other respects. So I guess the song hits closer to home than I realized. The second gets to me because it’s how I imagine I will be if I ever have children. I believe I’m fairly tough, though like everyone I have weaknesses too. As said before, kids are one of those weaknesses. And it being MY kid? Oh FSM…

Day 12 – The Last Song You Heard

The Last Song You Heard

“Rule The World” by Take That from Stardust

This song is in the end credits of the movie I just watched, Stardust, which my Daddy had recommended to me.  I really enjoyed the movie, it’s a brand I can’t really say I’ve seen before, so that was a fun experience.  I really liked the gorgeous scenery, and was impressed by the special effects, given that it wasn’t a serious movie.  Epic comedies, w00t w00t!  Ironically, I already knew the song well, but wasn’t aware of its origins.  It was from my ex, M, two or three years ago.  I was really surprised to hear it at the end of the movie and it brought back some memories, for sure.  M used this song to start making a music video with my pictures fading in and out.  In any case, the lyrics make more sense now.  Wink Smilie

Here’s my Daddy’s song!

The Last Song I Heard

“Unbelievable” by Diamond Rio

Truthfully, I listened to a buncha songs today, and I’m sure “Unbelievable” was not the last song I heard. However, “Unbelievable” was the one I remembered and I wanted to write about, so there it is. The reason I remember it and wanted to talk about it is, as usual, because it reminds me of my Baby.  tongue  This song in particular reminds me of my Baby because it’s kinda how I feel about her as well as it’s a song we both love. I’d heard it before, but she reminded me of its awesomeness after we’d met and I re-found it. Can you tell I’m pretty crazily in love with her? Cuz yeah, I am…  Kiss

Day 9 – A Song That Makes You Hopeful

A Song That Makes You Hopeful

I deal with major depression, so this day’s Challenge was actually really difficult for me.  When I think of hope, I think of the future, or especially of Heaven, but given my state of depression and my massive doubt in God right now, there’s nothing I could think of that actually makes me feel hopeful in either of those areas.  So my songs pretty much represent love and acceptance.  Those are both current things that I can strive for and look for in the here and now.

“Que Sera, Sera” by Doris Day

This song pretty much speaks for itself.  It’s the “Hakuna Matata” of the 50’s.  Sometimes it makes me a little sad, but mostly it makes me feel hopeful that you never know what might happen, and what happens might be good.  No sense worrying about the future, seeing as it’s mostly out of our hands.  I wish I could take its advice a bit easier.  ;)

“Let Your Love Flow” by The Bellamy Brothers

This song almost always lifts my spirits and makes me feel happier.  I love the music and the lyrics and it just leaves me feeling good.  If I made a Happy CD, this would be on it.  I wish the world was a more loving and accepting place.

Here are Daddy’s hopeful songs!  Jump1

A Song that Makes Me Hopeful

Initially I started going through my iTunes just looking for inspiring and hopeful songs that are uplifting. But as usual, I just kept seeing songs that reminded me of my Baby. Then I realized… she is the most uplifting thing in my life right now. She’s not the only thing that helps give me hope, but she’s a big one. To be honest, she’s also one of the strongest sources of uncertainty, so it’s an odd mix. Each of these songs gives me hope though, in its own way. The first gives me hope because I’ve asked her on occasion, “if tomorrow never comes… do you know I love you? Am I showing I love you as much as I can, each and every day? Do you KNOW I love you? Not believe, not hope, not think, are you SURE?” It’s sappy and all, but I’m serious. And it gives me hope that she says, “yes” to all of them. The second gives me hope in that it reminds me you figure life out as you go. You can’t flip to the back of the book and look up all your answers. Life is a growing process, and you’re not done growing till you’re actually planted and helping the daisies grow. Heh, so in a way you’re never really through growing? *Starts playing “Circle of Life”.* The last two are hopeful to me just because they are things that I want to tell my Baby, and telling her sincere things like that makes me feel better and more hopeful. It’s more of an indirect hope, but it’s there.