Starry Night

It was Don McLean’s song “Vincent (Starry Starry Night)” that first drew me to the original painting, Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh.

The song is beautiful and heartbreaking and it still brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it, a decade later.  The lyrics are haunting, reflecting van Gogh’s life and the themes surrounding it.  Don McLean’s emotive voice never ceases to affect me.

The painting has an even darker feeling than the song.  It draws me in not only because of the sapphire colors I love, but also because of the background story of van Gogh and my own identification with it.

For me, the painting can be both beautiful and sinister, disarming and disturbing.  It greatly depends on what mood I’m in when I look at it, especially if I am depressed.

Starry Night represents depression to me.  Sometimes life can be beautiful and there is warmth and hope in sight.  Other times, the darkness rears up in front of you and overwhelms nearly everything else, drawing all of your focus away from the good things until they’re all but blotted out.  The swirling clouds reflect my own circular thought process when I am caught up in depression, and the remoteness of the town below is a visual marker for how distant and alone I can sometimes feel.

Needless to say, the painting expresses the ebb and flow of my feelings very well.  I feel connected to it, and I was thrilled to find a gorgeous framed 3-D version of it a few years ago that truly brings it to life.  No matter what I’m feeling, Starry Night always has something to say back to me.

Amy’s 3 Cheese Penne Marinara


Counting calories can sometimes seem unfulfilling; however, I discovered a little gem at Wal-Mart the other day that’s helping me transition back into eating less calories.  Amy’s 3 Cheese Penne Marinara.  Previously, I’d tried a few Amy’s products from the health food store, and had been exceedingly disappointed.  By disappointed, I mean I threw 4/5ths of that crap in the trash.  None Smilie  So I was a bit nervous about trying this one out, but I’m so glad I did!


The noodles are yummy and thick, the cheese is nommable, and the sauce (made with organic tomatoes) actually tastes like real pasta sauce!  I’m very picky about spaghetti-type sauces, so I was shocked that I liked this so much.  There’s also a nice helping of food here, considering the low calorie count of 270.  I was very pleased!  And it got bonus points for not having yucky chunks of tomato.  Skype Old giggle

2-8-13 003

I already went back and bought two more.  This should make calorie-counting a bit easier on my taste buds.  Jump6