Day 23 – A Song You Cannot Stand

Day 23 - A Song You Cannot Stand 1-14-13

A Song You Cannot Stand To Listen To

I really struggled to come up with ANY songs that I simply cannot stand.  Nothing came to mind, and I’ve been contemplating this day several weeks in advance.  There are no genres that I actively dislike as a whole, and songs I don’t like, I simply don’t care for…  Nothing came to mind as something I truly couldn’t stand.  Even annoying or repetitive songs, I usually don’t mind, or I even sing along to or annoy other people with.  Evil2  However, on the brink of giving up on this day’s Challenge, I finally remembered a song I cannot stand to listen to!

“She Bangs” by William Hung from American Idol

I had the misfortune of seeing this during its original broadcast.  Um…I don’t watch American Idol anymore.  None Smilie

Here’s mah Daddy’s!

A Song I Cannot Stand 

My teeth involuntarily grind when I hear this song. Not necessarily because I detest it (I do), but for the REASON I detest it. Her voice is incredibly annoying, and beyond that the song gets flipping STUCK IN MY HEAD. It drives me absolutely BATTY. But the worst part? The WORST part? The worst part is that the lyrics are actually funny, so I have to fight to not LIKE the song. GAAAHHHH!!!!!!  angry9


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