Day 1 – A Song From Your Childhood

A Song From Your Childhood

“Teddy Bears’ Picnic” (music box version – originally by John Walter Bratton)

This song plays in a little pink music box I’ve had since I was four or five.  It’s one of my favorite possessions.  I lost the little bear that rotated inside the music box on the street once, and it got run over by a car.  But a few years later, we found one that matched exactly!  He has a little red bowtie.  :)  My box is so old, I’m almost afraid to play it now, but it still sounds as good as it ever did!  I love it so much and sometimes it can still make me cry.

I search the internet every few years for the exact version I have, and today I finally found it!  So the direct link is above, or here’s the page link, if you prefer.

And here’s Daddy’s song!  Jump9

A Song From My Childhood

“Drop in the Bucket” by Acappella Children

I struggled with this challenge because there were very few songs I could actually attach to my childhood. Most songs I thought of were actually from my adolescence. However, after a bit of frustration with another song this one hit me, and I was able to find it easily. This is a song I very strongly tie to my CHILDhood. And, listening to it again… despite it’s Christian overtones I’m finding I’m identifying with some portions of it once again. Pull out the god-talk and you’re left with, “don’t stress my friend” which is how I try to live my life. So… Hakuna Matata. ;)


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