Day 24 – Danced To With Best Friend Song

Day 24 - Danced To With Best Friend Song 1-15-13

A Song That You Have Danced To With Your Best Friend

“Written On My Heart” by Plus One

When we were fifteen, my best friend and I used to dance to this song while waiting in line at concerts.  Skype Old giggle  We were both quite desperately in love with Plus One, Christian music’s cleaned-up version of ‘N Sync.  I also did my first slow dance with anyone, with this girl.  And no, you pervs, we were totes innocent and straight!  …At the time.  Wink Grin Smilie 1

Daddy’s songgggs…

A Song That I Have Danced to With My Best Friend

Once more, this was a very difficult Challenge for me. As has been said in past Challenges, I don’t really dance much. As well, most of my best friends throughout my life have been male and not gay, so… yeah. Even the few female best friends, I haven’t danced with them. The only one who MIGHT count would be my ex-girlfriend. She was my best friend at that time, but is obviously no longer. Then it hit me… I’m going to twist the Challenge to, “A Song I’d Like to Dance to With My Best Friend”. And where I am in my life now, that would be my Baby.

There are two kinds of songs I will actually dance to. The first is the grooving, bumping, fast and hard beat exemplified by Day 17. The other kind is the slow dance songs where you wrap your arms around each other and just sway and maybe shuffle with the music. You know, the songs that are only really only “technically” dancing.  blah  I’d LOVE to dance with my Baby to either, but I listed more songs from the second type because the former is pretty well covered by Day 17. As well, each of these songs is a song that is somehow tied to her. Whether it’s a song that I’d like to direct the message of the songs towards her, a song that she introduced me to, or else just a song we both like (or a combination thereof), each song is connected to her somehow.


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