Day 25 – A Song You Could Listen To All Day

Day 25 - A Song You Could Listen To All Day 1-15-13

A Song That You Could Listen To All Day Without Getting Tired Of

“Pressure” by Swollen Members

I used to listen to this song on replay on my way to work every day, a few years ago.  At the time, I was driving my brother’s little Civic and it had a mad subwoofer in the back.  I loved blasting this song over and over and over.  Nowadays, I forget I have it tucked into a random CD case somewhere, but when I do think of it, I usually listen to it several times over and lament my pathetic computer speakers.  Tongue Smilie

Here’s Daddy’s songs!  Jump9

A Song You Could Listen to All Day Without Getting Tired Of

My Baby actually inadvertently helped me with today’s Challenge. All the songs I was thinking of were ones that I’ve used, often more than once. And that made sense to me, because after all, they are my favorite songs for a reason! Songs that I don’t very much enjoy would get tiresome very quickly, but all the songs that I DO enjoy immensely have made it to this list in the past 25 days. So… what do I do? Then my Baby said something that made me think of Cats, and poof! Here I am! Rum Tum Tugger is my favorite character of the production because he’s got attitude, he’s laid back, gets the girl, and is crazy cool while at the same time keeping his composure, being respectful to his elders, and just walking the line between self-confidence and arrogance. I really like him as he exemplifies more how I’d like to be. I like Mungojerrie cuz I identify with his goofy, mischievous side. (Though Rum Tum Tugger has that too, in spades.) Mungojerrie comes across, to me, with a more innocent mischief. Rum Tum Tugger is more intentional about it. Then Rumpleteazer is just CRAZY cute (and sexy). And I cannot deny that Bombalurina and Demeter get my heart pumping a little faster when they sing “Macavity” and slink around the stage.  Skype New wink

Day 24 – Danced To With Best Friend Song

Day 24 - Danced To With Best Friend Song 1-15-13

A Song That You Have Danced To With Your Best Friend

“Written On My Heart” by Plus One

When we were fifteen, my best friend and I used to dance to this song while waiting in line at concerts.  Skype Old giggle  We were both quite desperately in love with Plus One, Christian music’s cleaned-up version of ‘N Sync.  I also did my first slow dance with anyone, with this girl.  And no, you pervs, we were totes innocent and straight!  …At the time.  Wink Grin Smilie 1

Daddy’s songgggs…

A Song That I Have Danced to With My Best Friend

Once more, this was a very difficult Challenge for me. As has been said in past Challenges, I don’t really dance much. As well, most of my best friends throughout my life have been male and not gay, so… yeah. Even the few female best friends, I haven’t danced with them. The only one who MIGHT count would be my ex-girlfriend. She was my best friend at that time, but is obviously no longer. Then it hit me… I’m going to twist the Challenge to, “A Song I’d Like to Dance to With My Best Friend”. And where I am in my life now, that would be my Baby.

There are two kinds of songs I will actually dance to. The first is the grooving, bumping, fast and hard beat exemplified by Day 17. The other kind is the slow dance songs where you wrap your arms around each other and just sway and maybe shuffle with the music. You know, the songs that are only really only “technically” dancing.  blah  I’d LOVE to dance with my Baby to either, but I listed more songs from the second type because the former is pretty well covered by Day 17. As well, each of these songs is a song that is somehow tied to her. Whether it’s a song that I’d like to direct the message of the songs towards her, a song that she introduced me to, or else just a song we both like (or a combination thereof), each song is connected to her somehow.

Day 23 – A Song You Cannot Stand

Day 23 - A Song You Cannot Stand 1-14-13

A Song You Cannot Stand To Listen To

I really struggled to come up with ANY songs that I simply cannot stand.  Nothing came to mind, and I’ve been contemplating this day several weeks in advance.  There are no genres that I actively dislike as a whole, and songs I don’t like, I simply don’t care for…  Nothing came to mind as something I truly couldn’t stand.  Even annoying or repetitive songs, I usually don’t mind, or I even sing along to or annoy other people with.  Evil2  However, on the brink of giving up on this day’s Challenge, I finally remembered a song I cannot stand to listen to!

“She Bangs” by William Hung from American Idol

I had the misfortune of seeing this during its original broadcast.  Um…I don’t watch American Idol anymore.  None Smilie

Here’s mah Daddy’s!

A Song I Cannot Stand 

My teeth involuntarily grind when I hear this song. Not necessarily because I detest it (I do), but for the REASON I detest it. Her voice is incredibly annoying, and beyond that the song gets flipping STUCK IN MY HEAD. It drives me absolutely BATTY. But the worst part? The WORST part? The worst part is that the lyrics are actually funny, so I have to fight to not LIKE the song. GAAAHHHH!!!!!!  angry9

Day 22 – A Song That Someone Has Sung To You

Day 22 - A Song That Someone Has Sung To You 1-13-13

A Song That Someone Has Sung To You

“Li’l Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs

My manager at my first job used to sing this to me all the time.  I was a teenager.  At his fortieth birthday party, he asked me to sleep with him and his wife.  UhOh  I declined.

The rest of the songs are all from my Daddy.  Yes Smilie  A few of them were linked with more details on a previous Challenge day.

“Hush, Little Baby” by my Daddy

He recorded this just for me, since it is my lullaby, after all, and no version quite like ours exists anywhere else.  Skype Old mm

“All The Pretty Little Ponies” by Kenny Loggins

I love horses and this song naturally made its way into Daddy’s repertoire to sing to me.  “Naturally” being I said, “Daddy, will you learn this and sing it to me?”  Skype Old giggle

“I Never Cared For You” by Willie Nelson

I linked Daddy to this song because it reminded me so much of my trust issues and how he is so patient with them.  He sings it to me once in awhile and it makes me smile.

“Soft Kitty” by Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory

“Soft Kitty” piano instrumental

Daddy and I quote this a lot, it’s so adorable!

“Hotel California” by The Eagles

This is one of my all-time favorite songs, and Daddy likes it, too.  He’ll sing it while doing other things and it makes me feel like he’s still thinking about me even if he’s multi-tasking.  Love8

Here’s Daddy’s song…

A Song Someone Has Sung to Me

As said yesterday, I made the mistake of using up all the songs early on that I should’ve saved for days like this. Ah well, live and learn. Waaaay back on Day 6 I mentioned this song and a friend of mine, Schmitty. Schmitty was and continues to be one of my best friends, though I am sad to say we’ve drifted apart. Recently I’ve discovered some hope anew in that she has actually texted me a couple times without me contacting her first. This is an oddity, she struggles against a powerful, “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. If a person is not there with her, they just kind of pass from her mind. It’s not on purpose and she doesn’t mean it in a mean way… she just doesn’t think about the people that aren’t with her. Because of this mentality, when I received her video I was shocked and very touched. As said before, she heard this song and knew I was going through a difficult time, and she took it upon herself to learn the song and play it for me. What makes it even more impressive to me is that she was, in my opinion, going through a FAR tougher time herself. So that she took the time to do something for me? That was a big deal to me. Despite having drifted apart some, I still love her deeply, and I still consider her in my top 5 friends.

Day 21 – Your Favorite Song

Day 21 - Your Favorite Song 1-12-13

Sorry about the delay, peeps.  It’s been a discombobulated week!  This Challenge was time-consuming, but even so, it is not an exhaustive list of my all-time favorite songs, but a lot of recent favorites from the last two or so years.  Have fun with the genre whip-lash.  Bliss

Your Favorite Song

“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz (Live on Earth)

This has been one of my top favorite songs for a few summers, now.  It’s just free, I can’t help but swing along with it and feel a little better.  This live version is my favorite, it brings me to my happy place.

“What Goes Around…” by Alesena

This was my go-to song for a year straight.  The CD barely left my car.  ‘Nuff said.

“Beautiful Girls” by Bayside

From the same CD as the above – Punk Goes Pop Volume Two.  Lots of fun and I love the original of this one as well.  I like to sing along an octave above.

“Give Me Everything” by Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

I dunno why but this one makes me happy and sad at the same time.  I really love it.

“Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes

This is by far my favorite rap EVER.  Busta Rhymes is a fuckin’ rock star, Chris Brown should be ashamed to even be on the same track.  Oh, and Lil Wayne is sexaaay.

“Love Lockdown” by Kanye West

This song makes me horny.  Just imagine what it does for me vibrating out of a sub.

“The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars

Super feel-good song, who couldn’t love this?!  Reminds me of T who I used to work with.  Good times.

“Leave Out All The Rest” by Linkin Park

‘Nother song that makes me sad, hit at a dark point in my life.

“Electric City” by The Black Eyed Peas

I don’t even know what to say about this song, but I’m in love.  Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day.  Evil2

“Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine

I’ve talked about this song on previous Challenge days, but it really is one of my all-time favorite songs.  *dreamy sigh*

“Folsom Prison Blues” by Everlast

People seem to either love or hate this cover of Johnny Cash’s song.  I love it and have spent many nights listening to it on repeat.

“Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye

The music and vocals are mesmerizing and I just can’t get enough of this song.

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” by Beyonce

If I weren’t already bi, I would be after seeing this video.

“Koop Island Blues” by Koop

Haunting and awesome, I first saw this on So You Think You Can Dance with the “Butt Dance”.  Epic, man.  Epic.

“Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri

So sadddd, FSM I love sad songs!  *shivers*

“Cyclone” by Baby Bash featuring T-Pain

This is one of my all-time favorite hip-hop songs.  The ONLY downside is that I can’t move my body like a cyclone.  Sad5

“Addicted2Me” by Anjulie

“Colombia” by Anjulie

“Boom” by Anjulie

Anjulie’s self-titled album spent many, many months as the only CD in my car.  I couldn’t narrow it down to one song, so there you have three of my favorites.  The first time I listened to the CD, I wasn’t terribly into it.  Then I listened again…and it was like Coltrane’s record in Mr. Holland’s Opus…I just couldn’t stop playin’ it.

“Ride On” by Celtic Thunder

“Heartland” by Celtic Thunder

Accents and long hair and pretty songs, oh my!  Celtic Thunder definitely won my heart, and these are two of my favorites.  They also had a Surfer Medley on YouTube that I adored, but sadly, ‘tis gone now.

“Dream A Little Dream Of Me” by Mama Cass

An all-time favorite song.  Just wonderful.  Skype happy

“Mr. Sandman” by Pink Champagne

After seeing the 2003 remake of The Music Man, I got all up in that barbershop quartet thang, and the ladies of Pink Champagne are the icing on the cake.

“Don’t Bring Me Down” by Electric Light Orchestra

This song is addictive and just makes me HAPPY!

“Rock ‘N Me” by Steve Miller Band

Another all-time favorite, something about this just makes me feel goooood.

“If You Want Me” by Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard

This song is gorgeous and haunting and has been a favorite since the moment I first heard it.

“Lay All Your Love On Me” by Amanda Seyfriend from Mamma Mia!

Amanda Seyfried has such a pretty, sweet voice, and this is my favorite.  I can listen to it over and over.

“Travelin’ Man” by Ricky Nelson

I know he’s a man ho and everything, but who can resist this charm?  C’mon.

“Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3

Speaking of ho’s, this song always reminds me of…oh, wait.  Nevermind!  Skype Old giggle

“Fireflies” by Owl City

Pretty sure it’s near-impossible to not like this song.  Happy feelings, woo!

“All I Have To Do Is Dream” by The Everly Brothers

*clasps heart dramatically*  I adore this song.

“Islands In The Stream” by The Bee Gees

This song is dedicated to my Daddy.  I think of you every time I hear it, and I love you so, SO much!  *snuggles close and nestles into your arms*  Mwah.  I’m so happy I’m your Baby.

Here are my Daddy’s songs.  Love2

My Favorite Song

So I’m going to be honest, I’m starting to bog down on these Challenges. Even after taking a break because I was away from my computer for a few days I’m still feeling a bit sluggish about them. I do want to finish out, but it’s getting a little harder to motivate myself to do them. In the past I was excited about these Challenges, and now I’m less excited. At first I worked hard to not repeat any songs. Then, I was okay with repeating them so long as there was some new material too. Now, I find I’ve already used both my most favorite songs, and I don’t really want to make a ginormous list, so… Today is the first day with nothing new. These are, however, my MOST favorite songs out of all the music I listen to.

For a long time “Monster” by Skillet was my favorite song. I do feel I have a lot of anger and depression lurking down inside me, and sometimes it claws its way out. However, I have a good handle on things and I manage my anger and depression well. I have coping mechanisms and support, and my life is good. That doesn’t mean the monster isn’t there though… he’s just kept in check and handled when he needs to be. That was until a few months ago when my Baby was sharing Jason Mraz “I’m Yours” with me. It’s a nice song, and I started listening to some of his other music. I came across “I Won’t Give Up” and I was just blown away. There was not a single line or stanza that DIDN’T resonate with me and it quickly became my new favorite song.

Day 20 – The Last Song Alphabetically

The Last Song Alphabetically In Your iPod/iTunes

“Zorro’s Theme” by James Horner from The Mask Of Zorro

*squee*  Another awesome song!  This music reminds me a bit of the score from El Cid.  Both fabulous film scores.  I love The Mask Of Zorro, and of course, Antonio Banderas…  Though this isn’t my favorite song from the movie, it’s pretty high up there.  My favorites are the music Zorro and Elena dance to, and of course, “I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You” by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena.

Heeeere’s Daddy’s!

The Last Song Alphabetically in My iTunes

I couldn’t resist anymore. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts FTW!  “45” was the last song in my list probably because it’s an actual number, as opposed to a letter. The song is rather fitting to the AMV, in my opinion. I love being a nerd…  tongue

Day 19 – The First Song Alphabetically

The First Song Alphabetically In Your iPod/iTunes

“ ’O Mare E Tu” by Andrea Bocelli with Dulce Pontes

See that little ’ sign just before the O?  Yeah, that’s why this song is first.  hahaha  I’m actually pretty stoked about that, because this is one of my all-time favorite songs.  Andrea Bocelli is beautiful as always, and Dulce Pontes has an incredibly strong and entrancing voice!  I have no idea what this song is about, but it’s been a favorite for about a decade, now.  Tongue2

Here’s my Daddy’s!!!

The First Song Alphabetically in My iPod/iTunes

I have to be blunt and honest, I’m glad a country song was first on my list. I have a lot of music that I listen to, and although I know country songs have made it into my challenges I feel that they have been under-represented. So… add another! I love this song too. It almost made it to the “Songs I Sing Along With” Challenge, but it got cut (sadly) because the list was too long. It’s got a fast beat and lyrics that make me wiggle happily. So yeah, glad this song came up.