Day 9 – Two Things You Wish You Could Do

Day 9 - Two Things You Wish You Could Do 1-28-13

Two Things You Wish You Could Do

  1. Time travel.  I would save a few lives, take a few lives, go into the future and unlock the secret of eternal life, then have fun going and doing  and being with whoever I wanted, any time I wanted.  heh heh  Get it?  Any time I wanted.  Skype Old giggle
  2. Be fluent in another language.  Spanish has always been one of my favorites.  When spoken slowly, it’s extremely sensual.

Here’s my Daddy’s!

Two Things I Wish I Could Do

I’m actually going to cheat and do this Challenge as a two-fer. Two serious things I wish I could do and two daydreams. Here goes!


  1. I wish I had more willpower. I believe with that, I could accomplish most anything I need or want. I wish I had the willpower to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, regardless of whether I WANT to do it or not. With that, homework would get done, chores would get done, I’d be able to push myself to work out on a regular basis and actually do a PROPER workout, and I’d be able to discipline myself to get a job and go to it, thus securing a source of income. Then, with income, I’d have the discipline to seek out an apartment of my own, and on the list goes. Alas, among all my wonderful talents, the will to do the things I don’t want to do is not high on the list. I do believe it is on the list, but I wish it were higher.
  2. I wish I had the ability to actually affect change in the people around me more directly. I can support, I can counsel, I can suggest, I can advise, I can do my best to lead, I can show, I can even direct… but I can’t actually DO anything for them. I can only pave the path to the best of my ability, stand at the end of it, and beckon fervently. They must walk it themselves. I know the importance of them walking it themselves and that if I did it FOR them, then they wouldn’t learn or grow… but sometimes, I still wish I could take that first step or two for them, or when things get difficult walk with/in them. It’s a weird concept, but I don’t mean “instead of”, I mean “with”. Like a little girl standing on her Daddy’s feet as he walks.


  1. I wish I had super-speed. As shrimpy as I feel sometimes, you’d think super-strength would be my desire. But nope, I’d rather have super-speed. Not only is it utilitarian (travel times would dwindle), but according to physics speed has as much to do with force as mass does. (Yay F = ma, Force equals mass times acceleration.) True, I may not be hitting with a big, meaty, muscle-powered fist… But when that punch is coming in faster than a greased cat fleeing an oversized vacuum cleaner, followed by another 20 in the next couple seconds? You’re gonna be in a world of hurt.
  2. Thusly comes the second part of the daydream. I wish I had fast healing (yes, a la Wolverine) or invulnerability. Truthfully, with super-speed invulnerability would be more useful because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. (Newton’s Third Law, had to look up which it was.) So punching a guy at mach ridiculous a few dozen times in a few seconds would be HORRENDOUS on my hands. With invulnerability, problem solved. However, as cool as that is, I’d actually rather have the super-healing. It sounds weird, and I’m not masochistic, but I think it would be good for me to feel the pain. I don’t want to become insensitive or inured. For every time I hit someone, it would be good to be reminded that what I’m feeling, they are feeling 10 times over. It’s a check to make me think twice before using my power in that way. I don’t want a mangled body though, so woot fast healing! Plus, it just looks cooler. Colossus may look awesome with his silver body and bullets just pinging off of him as he wades in unfazed… but Wolverine charging forward and actually TAKING every shot, seeing him jerk but keep going, drop and get back up again, and just keep pushing forward… I think that’s cooler.

So yeah, I’m a nerd. Can you tell?  ^_^  Those are two things that are actually lower on the list, but were on my mind. There are other things higher on the list I’d actually prefer, but wishing I could have god-like genie-level powers just kinda feels like a cop out.