Day 3 – Eight Things That Annoy You

Day 3 - Eight Things That Annoy You 1-22-13

Eight Things That Annoy You

  1. Computer problems.  I have no patience for it, it drives me up the wall if things are freezing or the internet cuts out for no apparent reason, or things run slow…
  2. Back-seat drivers.  Passenger drivers.  Other drivers on the road.  Anyone in my way.  People.  None Smilie
  3. Inefficiency.
  4. When I don’t pick up a new skill very quickly.
  5. Commercials.
  6. Faked niceness by bitchy people who think life is their own personal stage.
  7. Anyone with a weak handshake or a disturbing lack of eye contact.
  8. When my hair won’t stay behind my ears or becomes otherwise itchy, hot, or frustrating.
  9. People who talk in the movie theater, or crackle their snacks loudly, or bring their kids to a scary movie, or bring their babies to any movie.  Angry5

And here’s my Daddy’s!

Eight Things that Annoy Me

  1. Vacuous and vapid people.
  2. Manipulative people.
  3. People (in particular girls, but guys do it too) who use their charm, looks, or sexual appeal to manipulate others. (I included this one because it especially annoys me. Number 2 does annoy me significantly, but this one annoys me far more.)
  4. Fake people
  5. Repetition
  6. Metal on metal, specifically things like a metal utensil scraping against a pot or pan
  7. The sound made when nails are run across a finely stripped material. Some jeans have it, some restaurant upholstery, etc.
  8. People who don’t listen.

Day 2 – Nine Things You Do Every Day

Day 2 - Nine Things You Do Every Day 1-21-13

Um, so for no particular reason, I went a bit crazy with music links, today.  UhOh  Ignore me.  Or listen to every last one, and get a very shocking mix of music that I like.  Here’s a pillow for the genre whiplash.  Tongue2

Nine Things You Do Every Day

  1. Wake up feeling awful.  I know, boohoo.  But seriously, it’s severe enough I’ve looked into chronic fatigue syndrome and sleep apnea because of it.  I never feel rested, no matter how much, how little, or how consistently I sleep.
  2. Take a shower.  I can’t stand going a day without a shower, I just have to feel fresh.
  3. Guzzle water like a fish.  Ice water is my favorite drink and I pretty much always have a bottle on my desk with me.  Since our fridge doesn’t make ice, I’m currently using plastic bottles and putting them in the freezer so they get icy and very, very cold.  I switch out every few hours.
  4. Wear cute socks.  I hate my feet, and honestly sometimes feet creep me out anyway, so no matter the weather, I’m wearing socks.  Sometimes electric purple, sometimes animal print, sometimes fuzzy.  Dancing Stick Man
  5. Listen to music.  Usually on YouTube, since my iTunes is messed up.
  6. Watch part of a movie.  I have a dreadful habit of eating in the living room, so I always watch a movie for ten or twenty minutes during meals.
  7. Learn something new every day.  This is a fairly new thing but I’m really excited about it!  I prefer for it to happen by natural means, but if the end of the day comes and I realize I didn’t discover something, I go looking.
  8. Get on the computer.  My life is pretty much contained inside that external hard drive, there…  Blink  I love taking pictures, so allllll my pictures are on there, and all my writings, and just…everything.  I would be devastated if I lost my computer.  Google is my professor.
  9. Spend time with my Daddy.  ILoveYou  All day if I can help it.  I love him like whoa and he is my everything…and that’s the way uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh, uh huh!

Here be mah Daddy’s!

Nine Things I Do Everyday

  1. Wake up. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I wake up every day. Sometimes I don’t wake up till the day is past halfway over, but I DO wake up!
  2. Talk with my Baby. No matter how busy my day gets, she is important to me and I will MAKE time for her.
  3. Eat cheese. I don’t think a single day goes by in which I do not have something that contains cheese or just a straight up chunk of cheese at least ONCE a day, commonly more.
  4. Play some kind of game. Whether it’s a video game, a brain game with the family, or just a silly little game with myself, not a day goes by in which I do not play a game.
  5. Struggle with depression. Because of life experience, counseling I’ve had, self-awareness, study, and a LOT of practice I have a pretty good handle on it. But, that does not mean it isn’t there.
  6. Look at my Baby’s pictures. She’s colored a few pictures for me I have them on the fridge. Every day I pass by them I see them and look at them.
  7. Daydream. I love daydreaming and not a day goes by that my mind doesn’t wander down some fantasy path.
  8. Do something on my computer. This is almost a cheat because I’m on my computer ALL the time. Even when I’ve got school as soon as I walk in the door I’m picking up my laptop.
  9. Tell my Baby I love her. Again, she’s important to me and I love her. There’s a song by Garth Brooks called, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”. It’s touching and a little sad, but it describes how I feel and what I want to say.

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she’s my only one
If my time on earth were through
She must face this world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

I Love You, Baby <3

Day 1 – Ten Random Facts About Yourself

Day 1 - Ten Random Facts About Yourself 1-20-13

Ten Random Facts About Yourself

  1. I refuse to kill spiders.  It’s actually due to the book Phantom by Susan Kay.  There’s a part where The Phantom is really upset because Christine wants him to kill a spider, and he goes on a tangent about how people hate spiders and kill them just because they’re ugly.  *sniffles*  I love The Phantom, so…I can’t kill spiders, now.  MSN redrose
  2. Snowboarding is my sport of choice, though I haven’t had the money to go in about five years.  Last time I went, I was starting on rails, which was incredibly fun!
  3. Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I love winter, snow, Christmas trees, and everything else that goes along with the season.  Don’t be surprised if you catch me with my nose buried in the grocery store tree lot or the bin of cinnamon pinecones.
  4. I always have a quirky stuffed animal in the rear window of my car.  Right now, it’s a green dragon.  Before that, it was a six-foot long orange snake with flames.  That one scared a few drive-thru girls by accident…  Skype Old giggle
  5. At my last job, I designed an eighteen-page schematic for opening and closing procedures, unbidden.  It was for my own personal use, but my manager caught wind of it and asked to see it, once.  He was blown away and wanted me to send it to corporate.
  6. Cemeteries don’t bother me; in fact, I used to go to one after work at 10:00 P.M. to unwind and relax.  I’d roll the windows down in my car and turn my music up, then walk around for awhile.
  7. I have a purple guard monkey named Sparkles who’s been hanging on my doorknob for a decade.  I’m not even into monkeys, but he was just so fluffy and cute, I couldn’t resist.  He’s survived many a stuffed animal cut in my bedroom and is the only one who’s always out, no matter what.  Rainbow
  8. Cute notebooks are my weakness and my curse…  I can’t resist buying them, but once I do, they’re so pretty and perfect, I can’t bear to ruin them with my messy handwriting.  Besides, I find it much easier and faster to type than to write…a piece of logic which, thus far, hasn’t curbed my notebook-hoarding ways.
  9. I’m OCD, though much less than I used to be.  A few years ago, my rituals and tweaks robbed me of a lot of sleep and peace.  Now, it’s more something that I notice is there, but for the most part, choose whether or not to “scratch the itch”, as my Daddy would say.
  10. So You Think You Can Dance is the only TV show I watch, even though I can’t dance a lick.  I love seeing the dancers’ personalities unfold during the course of the season, and the excitement of wondering what the choreographers will come up with, next.

Here’s Daddy’s ten!  Roll2

Ten Random Things About Me

  1. For a long time, without trying, I scored the MAXIMUM amount of points under Extroversion on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I haven’t dropped much.
  2. I am a Star Wars nut, but not in the typical sense. I’ve seen the movies several times, and I do like them, but my interest lies more in the Extended Universe. Mostly the books in the years following the Battle of Yavin, all the way past the New Jedi Order and I’m currently working my way (slowly) through the Legacy of the Force series. (Jacen, not Cade, for those who actually understand what that means…) Also, I have played Star Wars Saga Edition tabletop rpg quite a lot as well.
  3. Many consider me to be a redneck. I don’t wholeheartedly agree because although I do like guns, and horses, and am from Texas, and drive a truck, and love country music, and love my jeans and camo, and my favorite hat says PBR (Professional Bull Riding)… I was born in AUSTIN (Awwstin), which is about as liberal as Texas gets. I’ve never lived anywhere near the country, and I’m a city boy through and through. I’m also missing some distinct “redneck” qualities. I prefer chiggin over beef, not a big fan of beer, never been hunting (though I want to) and I’ve lost my thick southern drawl. Those are all stereotypes, I know, but… Yeah.
  4. I love my hair. I am proud of how long and thick it gets, and maintain I am a redhead. In truth I don’t actually know. I look in the mirror and see a kinda mostly brown/maybe a little blondish with a reddish tinge. But I talk to other people and they say I’m DEFINITELY a redhead. Explanations thus far as to why I can’t tell include lighting and that I’m a bit color-blind.
  5. My all-time favorite food is TEX-MEX. In particular cheese enchiladas, though I always get a taco with it. Runners up include mac and cheese and frito pie, but Tex-Mex still wins.
  6. On that subject, I am likely going to die young from the amount of cheese I consume. I flipping LOVE cheese, and I’m sure I’m corroding my arteries with plaque as we speak. (Crams another queso covered chip in my face.)
  7. When I was in my late teens/early youth I was incredibly shrimpy. I’m short to start with, and I was SKINNY. I didn’t like it, and felt very weak and wimpy. So I started working out, doing Martial Arts, and took Fencing. One of the best feelings of my life was hearing a friend turn to a guy who was pestering me (in a playful fashion) and say, “dude, you don’t want to mess with him. He may look short and look small, but he will kick your ASS.” *Does a wiggly happy dance of awesome*
  8. Not actually related to the above (well, maybe a little…), but for most of my life I have had some pretty serious anger issues. It wasn’t the only reason, but one big reason my parents decided to homeschool my sister and I was because I was that bad. I was coming home EVERY day with slips and notes on how bad my behavior was. Calls to Mom/Dad’s work were very common. My sister, who attended the same school in a higher grade, had standing permission to get out of line and check on me anytime they passed my class. My GRANDMOTHER had come in to sit and observe my behavior on more than one occasion. (This was a big deal.) I’ve mellowed now, but oh the stories I have from kindergarten and first grade… (Yeah, kindergarten I bit a kid cuz he took my seat. Tore flesh out. That bad.)
  9. I’m a dreamer. I have daydreams about all kinds of stuff, most of it ludicrously impossible. I’ve pictured myself flying high above the clouds in a futuristic aircraft, engaging and warning off enemy or unfriendly pilots threatening our land, being responsible for not only myself, but also anyone in my plane (if I’ve got a buddy behind me) and my wingman. I’ve kicked back and thought about what I’d do if I won a few hundred million dollars (this is a favorite). I’ve imagined and worked through the gifts I’d give to people, the security I could give them, the possibilities it would open, the stuff I would buy… (at least three separate trucks for different functions, and a couple sports cars). Hell, I’ve even worked out via Disney rules how to become a free genie and still free the other genie. Yeah, I’m a dreamer.
  10. My #1 most amazing quality is my capacity to love. Despite my Martial Arts training and penchant for weapons, I really am a lover, not a fighter. I am capable of loving hard and deep, and establishing a bond with someone quickly. Furthermore, it is not a weak or shallow bond. If (or when) something happens, that bond doesn’t just evaporate and disappear, it sticks and that person always has a piece of me. Because of this I ought to be more careful who I share myself with, and I have learned the hard way that it’s not safe to wear my heart so openly, but… That’s how I am.

Day 25 – A Song You Could Listen To All Day

Day 25 - A Song You Could Listen To All Day 1-15-13

A Song That You Could Listen To All Day Without Getting Tired Of

“Pressure” by Swollen Members

I used to listen to this song on replay on my way to work every day, a few years ago.  At the time, I was driving my brother’s little Civic and it had a mad subwoofer in the back.  I loved blasting this song over and over and over.  Nowadays, I forget I have it tucked into a random CD case somewhere, but when I do think of it, I usually listen to it several times over and lament my pathetic computer speakers.  Tongue Smilie

Here’s Daddy’s songs!  Jump9

A Song You Could Listen to All Day Without Getting Tired Of

My Baby actually inadvertently helped me with today’s Challenge. All the songs I was thinking of were ones that I’ve used, often more than once. And that made sense to me, because after all, they are my favorite songs for a reason! Songs that I don’t very much enjoy would get tiresome very quickly, but all the songs that I DO enjoy immensely have made it to this list in the past 25 days. So… what do I do? Then my Baby said something that made me think of Cats, and poof! Here I am! Rum Tum Tugger is my favorite character of the production because he’s got attitude, he’s laid back, gets the girl, and is crazy cool while at the same time keeping his composure, being respectful to his elders, and just walking the line between self-confidence and arrogance. I really like him as he exemplifies more how I’d like to be. I like Mungojerrie cuz I identify with his goofy, mischievous side. (Though Rum Tum Tugger has that too, in spades.) Mungojerrie comes across, to me, with a more innocent mischief. Rum Tum Tugger is more intentional about it. Then Rumpleteazer is just CRAZY cute (and sexy). And I cannot deny that Bombalurina and Demeter get my heart pumping a little faster when they sing “Macavity” and slink around the stage.  Skype New wink

Day 24 – Danced To With Best Friend Song

Day 24 - Danced To With Best Friend Song 1-15-13

A Song That You Have Danced To With Your Best Friend

“Written On My Heart” by Plus One

When we were fifteen, my best friend and I used to dance to this song while waiting in line at concerts.  Skype Old giggle  We were both quite desperately in love with Plus One, Christian music’s cleaned-up version of ‘N Sync.  I also did my first slow dance with anyone, with this girl.  And no, you pervs, we were totes innocent and straight!  …At the time.  Wink Grin Smilie 1

Daddy’s songgggs…

A Song That I Have Danced to With My Best Friend

Once more, this was a very difficult Challenge for me. As has been said in past Challenges, I don’t really dance much. As well, most of my best friends throughout my life have been male and not gay, so… yeah. Even the few female best friends, I haven’t danced with them. The only one who MIGHT count would be my ex-girlfriend. She was my best friend at that time, but is obviously no longer. Then it hit me… I’m going to twist the Challenge to, “A Song I’d Like to Dance to With My Best Friend”. And where I am in my life now, that would be my Baby.

There are two kinds of songs I will actually dance to. The first is the grooving, bumping, fast and hard beat exemplified by Day 17. The other kind is the slow dance songs where you wrap your arms around each other and just sway and maybe shuffle with the music. You know, the songs that are only really only “technically” dancing.  blah  I’d LOVE to dance with my Baby to either, but I listed more songs from the second type because the former is pretty well covered by Day 17. As well, each of these songs is a song that is somehow tied to her. Whether it’s a song that I’d like to direct the message of the songs towards her, a song that she introduced me to, or else just a song we both like (or a combination thereof), each song is connected to her somehow.

Day 23 – A Song You Cannot Stand

Day 23 - A Song You Cannot Stand 1-14-13

A Song You Cannot Stand To Listen To

I really struggled to come up with ANY songs that I simply cannot stand.  Nothing came to mind, and I’ve been contemplating this day several weeks in advance.  There are no genres that I actively dislike as a whole, and songs I don’t like, I simply don’t care for…  Nothing came to mind as something I truly couldn’t stand.  Even annoying or repetitive songs, I usually don’t mind, or I even sing along to or annoy other people with.  Evil2  However, on the brink of giving up on this day’s Challenge, I finally remembered a song I cannot stand to listen to!

“She Bangs” by William Hung from American Idol

I had the misfortune of seeing this during its original broadcast.  Um…I don’t watch American Idol anymore.  None Smilie

Here’s mah Daddy’s!

A Song I Cannot Stand 

My teeth involuntarily grind when I hear this song. Not necessarily because I detest it (I do), but for the REASON I detest it. Her voice is incredibly annoying, and beyond that the song gets flipping STUCK IN MY HEAD. It drives me absolutely BATTY. But the worst part? The WORST part? The worst part is that the lyrics are actually funny, so I have to fight to not LIKE the song. GAAAHHHH!!!!!!  angry9