Day 12 – The Last Song You Heard

The Last Song You Heard

“Rule The World” by Take That from Stardust

This song is in the end credits of the movie I just watched, Stardust, which my Daddy had recommended to me.  I really enjoyed the movie, it’s a brand I can’t really say I’ve seen before, so that was a fun experience.  I really liked the gorgeous scenery, and was impressed by the special effects, given that it wasn’t a serious movie.  Epic comedies, w00t w00t!  Ironically, I already knew the song well, but wasn’t aware of its origins.  It was from my ex, M, two or three years ago.  I was really surprised to hear it at the end of the movie and it brought back some memories, for sure.  M used this song to start making a music video with my pictures fading in and out.  In any case, the lyrics make more sense now.  Wink Smilie

Here’s my Daddy’s song!

The Last Song I Heard

“Unbelievable” by Diamond Rio

Truthfully, I listened to a buncha songs today, and I’m sure “Unbelievable” was not the last song I heard. However, “Unbelievable” was the one I remembered and I wanted to write about, so there it is. The reason I remember it and wanted to talk about it is, as usual, because it reminds me of my Baby.  tongue  This song in particular reminds me of my Baby because it’s kinda how I feel about her as well as it’s a song we both love. I’d heard it before, but she reminded me of its awesomeness after we’d met and I re-found it. Can you tell I’m pretty crazily in love with her? Cuz yeah, I am…  Kiss