Day 8 – Three Words

Day 8 - Three Words 1-27-13

Three Words You Can’t Go A Day Without Using

  1. “Love”…sandwiched between “I” and “you”.  My Daddy hears this several dozen times a day.  ILoveYou
  2. “Mwah!”…  Pretty sure I can’t go a day without giving Daddy kissies.  Kiss
  3. “Mmhm”…  This word has about as many meanings and implications as the f-word.  bigrazz  It can infer sexual pleasure, deep agreement, casual interest, occasional encouragement, bothered acknowledgement…the list goes on.  I use it mostly for the first two.  Wink Smilie

Here are my Daddy’s!

Three Words I Can’t Go a Day Without Using

  1. Baby.  Not a single day goes by in which I do not talk to her, and of each of those conversations, sometime during them I call her by my favoritest name, Baby. Or better still, my Baby.
  1. Love. Very often in combination with an “I”, a “you” and the above word. Not a day passes that this combination isn’t used, as well as other combinations.
  1. Fuck. I have some clear views on swearing, and they can be summed up by saying, “appropriate use only”. I don’t like it when people swear just to swear, with no point. If whatever situation/event warrants it, then by all means go ahead. Otherwise, choose something more appropriate. That being said, fuck is such a versatile word! So I’m pretty sure it gets said at some point every day. Appropriately within context, of course.