Utopia and Body Image

In The Time Machine (1960), the Utopian race, the Eloi, all look alike…  Young, pretty, and blonde.

Yvette Mimieux

But I realized something the other day.

Utopia wouldn’t be everyone looking the same, and perfect.


Utopia would be everyone seeing everyone else as beautiful, even if they weren’t the same, or perfect.

Perfection wouldn’t be us all matching the same social standard.  It would be when we stop caring about looks, stop talking about it, stop having social standards altogether.

If we keep judging and setting cookie cutter standards, there will ALWAYS be the majority of people who don’t fit.

I used to wish I lived back in the times when a fuller figure was in style.  But then what?  I could feel sexy at the expense of the skinny girls with fast metabolisms who just couldn’t gain any weight and get that hourglass figure?  Someone will always be hurt until we just eradicate the need for a standard or a scale of perfection.

Unfortunately, I don’t see social standards going away.  However, it is very encouraging to be on a site like FetLife and truly see that people have fetishes and are turned on by EVERYTHING under the sun.  Not just every sexual act, but every body style, as well.

The masses may not accept each other now, or in the coming millennia, but there are individuals who do.  I will strive to be among those individuals.

(Inspired by Morgan Freeman’s comments on racism.)