Day 13 – Former Friend Song

A Song That Reminds You Of A Former Friend

“Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down

My friend Timmy linked me to this song years ago, and when I was wishing I was closer to him or when we drifted apart and I was missing him, I’d always listen to it.  He was one of my first friends with benefits, which was nice ‘cause we spent a lot of time snuggling and feeling mushy, but I could always be hyper sexual around him, too.  Unfortunately it did help solidify my feelings that I’m only good for sex and that I must give sexual things to my friends.  But the good news was, Timmy was upstanding enough that he cut off our sexual side when he got a girlfriend.  I respected him for that and even though it was me who drifted away a year or two later, I still miss his cute, goofy ways and all his smart little quips.

“Move Bitch” by Ludacris

I honestly never heard the official song until now…  I worked with a girl named C and she used to sing this constantly, and somehow we ended up singing it and quoting it to each other all the time, even though I never listened to the real thing.  hehe  We had a blast working together.  She was one of the first girls that I trained and we just had a great time, she could always make me laugh like crazy.  We had so many inside jokes, oh God.  We could talk such nonsense, no one around us had a clue what was going on.  It was fabulous.  Jump9

Here’s mah Daddy’s!

A Song That Reminds Me of a Former Friend

This past spring (2012) I took a Composition I class and met a girl by the name of M. We hung out quite a bit, we both had the same break between classes before we both went to Comp I, and we had lunch very often. I considered us friends, yet at the same time there was always a certain distance… I tried to share with her, but she didn’t seem interested in getting any closer than casual friends. When the semester ended we went our separate ways and I haven’t heard from her since. Since we didn’t really get all that close there was no pain in it, and I don’t miss her. Every once in awhile I’ll think of her and just kinda wonderingly think, “I wonder where it could’ve gone…?” But life moves on, and that’s that. Before I met her I did indeed have some songs by Blue October, but I never listened to them. She introduced me to this song, so it does make me think of her.

I Deleted You

(I wrote this for

Yes, we used to be friends. No, we’re not anymore.

Make no mistake…this was not a mistake.

Don’t keep sending requests, thinking somehow your friendship slipped through the cracks of FetLife. Let me enlighten you on a few of the reasons why this deletion from my friends list may have happened to you…

1. We don’t talk.

I am not a friend collector. I’m not here to get some cyber ego boost from having a couple hundred friends and everyone knowing my name. I’m here to learn about the lifestyle and connect with people who understand me. If we don’t talk on a semi-regular basis, you’re going to get deleted, no matter how hot that picture of your cock is or how bad you want to sub for me. I’m here for connection – if there isn’t one, you’re gone.

2. You don’t respect me.

Respect starts with glancing at my profile long enough to see if I am Dominant, submissive, taken, or open for business. You won’t get the chance to respect me the rest of the way if you begin contact by bursting onto the scene attempting to fill a role I already have filled and clearly marked at the top of my page.

3. I don’t remember who you are.

Maybe we did talk at first, and maybe you were the best thing since fuzzy fox tails, but if you keep changing your picture and don’t bother to say hey now and then, I’m bound to forget about you and you’ll be harvested with the rest of the random guys who have added me over the past month.

4. You have nothing on your profile.

I’m sorry, I don’t handle personality-devoid friends well.

5. You never talked to me.

Believe it or not, I actually accept all friend requests that come my way. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But there’s a special circle of you that think it’s okay to add someone without so much as a Love or a comment, much less a message. If you’re a member of that circle, rest assured, you will be removed from my list very, very soon.

6. Your name is offensive to me.

Yes, we’re on FetLife. Yes, we’re all kinky mother fuckers here. Yes, I’m still a lady and can be disgusted by your derogatory, maggot-infested name. It doesn’t happen often, but on the rare occasion that a username does offend me, I have the right to disassociate myself from you.

7. Your personality is less than engaging.

Maybe you keep in touch, your profile is filled out, and your name smells as fresh as daisies nestled between the breasts of a milkmaid. But maybe we just don’t click, and you know what? That’s alright. Not everyone will and I know I certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But I prefer to spend time and pour effort into people I can wholeheartedly engage with, and if we just aren’t sharing that connection, I will seek it elsewhere and hope you do the same.

So if we used to be BFF’s, and I’ve clearly deleted you from my life – now you may have some idea as to why. If by some chance I’ve made a mistake and after reading this you aren’t so terribly offended as to curse my name to the depths of the earth…well…message me. But for God’s sake, don’t send me another damn friend request. ;)