Day 13 – Former Friend Song

A Song That Reminds You Of A Former Friend

“Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down

My friend Timmy linked me to this song years ago, and when I was wishing I was closer to him or when we drifted apart and I was missing him, I’d always listen to it.  He was one of my first friends with benefits, which was nice ‘cause we spent a lot of time snuggling and feeling mushy, but I could always be hyper sexual around him, too.  Unfortunately it did help solidify my feelings that I’m only good for sex and that I must give sexual things to my friends.  But the good news was, Timmy was upstanding enough that he cut off our sexual side when he got a girlfriend.  I respected him for that and even though it was me who drifted away a year or two later, I still miss his cute, goofy ways and all his smart little quips.

“Move Bitch” by Ludacris

I honestly never heard the official song until now…  I worked with a girl named C and she used to sing this constantly, and somehow we ended up singing it and quoting it to each other all the time, even though I never listened to the real thing.  hehe  We had a blast working together.  She was one of the first girls that I trained and we just had a great time, she could always make me laugh like crazy.  We had so many inside jokes, oh God.  We could talk such nonsense, no one around us had a clue what was going on.  It was fabulous.  Jump9

Here’s mah Daddy’s!

A Song That Reminds Me of a Former Friend

This past spring (2012) I took a Composition I class and met a girl by the name of M. We hung out quite a bit, we both had the same break between classes before we both went to Comp I, and we had lunch very often. I considered us friends, yet at the same time there was always a certain distance… I tried to share with her, but she didn’t seem interested in getting any closer than casual friends. When the semester ended we went our separate ways and I haven’t heard from her since. Since we didn’t really get all that close there was no pain in it, and I don’t miss her. Every once in awhile I’ll think of her and just kinda wonderingly think, “I wonder where it could’ve gone…?” But life moves on, and that’s that. Before I met her I did indeed have some songs by Blue October, but I never listened to them. She introduced me to this song, so it does make me think of her.