Ways your Daddy has earned, validated, and re-gained your TRUST.

I just wrote and posted this in the group Daddy ~ girl Relationships, and thought it was important enough to make a permanent Writing, too.

Hey little girls,

I have read so many stories recently about broken-hearted and abused Babygirls… I need some positive reinforcement! I know there are good Daddies out there, mine is one of them. I just need somewhere I can go to read about all the good things Daddies have done to earn, validate, and re-gain our trust. Please share ways your Daddy has done this – small things, big things, one thing, or twenty things.

Here are some of mine:

My Daddy is Honest

From day one, he has engaged in the open, communicative relationship that I need and ask for. If that means he’s frustrated or doesn’t agree with me, he will approach me and we will talk about it. If there’s an issue of his that affects us, he will confide in me. If he feels overwhelmed, we can back off and take steps to ensure he feels just as comforted as he makes me feel. My Daddy is real, and this lays the foundation for trust.

My Daddy Listens

He listens to what I say, and not only does he respond to it, but he remembers it! Not only does he remember it, but he takes action to change anything that needs to be changed, whether that be my behavior or his. Not only does he listen to what I say, but he listens to what I don’t say. He is so attentive and good at picking up on the little things that express where I’m at, emotionally…and he will almost always address that, even if I don’t bring up what’s bothering me and try to put on a happy face or a sexy act. My Daddy is attentive to my needs even when I’m not, which continually validates my trust in him.

My Daddy is Reliable

One of the most important expressions of love, for me, is to have someone spend their time on me. He is aware of that and makes a point to ensure me time in his day, even if it’s busy or tiring. He likes to keep me updated on what he’s doing throughout the day, even though he doesn’t require the same of this claustrophobic little girl. My Daddy is where he says he’ll be, because he knows proving himself reliable earns my trust.

My Daddy Needs Me

He’s not obsessed with dominating my every action or keeping himself at a safe emotional distance, letting me be the only vulnerable one. He tells me when he needs snuggles or headrubs, assuring me I should only do so if I want to, and lets me care for him in ways he doesn’t let others. My Daddy needs me, but he gives me choices, creating trust in his integrity.

My Daddy is Humble

He is not afraid to admit he doesn’t know everything, or that he makes mistakes, or that he isn’t perfect…but he sure tries to be! Despite the sometimes blurry line between confidence and arrogance, at the end of the day, he knows I could seek out someone else with more money or straighter teeth…but I choose him. My Daddy admits when he messes up and loves me enough to show me his faults, which deepens and reinforces my trust when need arises.

My Daddy is Curious

Besides listening, he asks. He wants to know how my mind and heart work, so he can better tend to both. This not only makes me feel special, but it pulls out the deepest honesty from me when I might not have otherwise had the courage to bring something up. He is curious about me and about life, which means we never have an end of things to talk about, whether it be cute, funny stuff, or deep, serious issues. My Daddy cultivates a curiosity about me and about life that builds my sense of trust and strengthens my love for him as a person.

I love my Daddy! :)