200 Calorie Fruit Smoothie

I’m back to counting calories!  This melted the weight off me before, but I was at a very active job at the time.  I’ll be putting entries about calorie counting and other weight-loss issues into this Health Stuffs category.  Apple

1-25-13 My Smoothie - OJ, milk, Greek Frozen Yogurt, frozen mixed fruit

200 Calorie Fruit Smoothie

Great Value – Fat Free Milk – 1/4 cup – 20 calories
Minute Maid – Premium (Pulp Free) Orange Juice – 4 oz. – 50 calories
Healthy Choice – Greek Frozen Yogurt – Strawberry – 1 container – 100 calories
Dole – Frozen Mixed Fruit – 1/2 cup – 30 calories

I shaved a few calories off the milk and the orange juice by going a bit under the line.  If I had done the exact measurements, it would add 8 calories.

This was my first attempt using frozen yogurt in a smoothie.  I’ve done a lot of smoothies using fruit juice but they’re usually too thick or too thin.  I definitely like the consistency of this smoothie…I made it an hour ago and it’s still thick and creamy.

I think next time I’ll leave out the milk entirely, because it’s a little too milky for my taste.  I’ll replace it with more orange juice, since this smoothie came out pretty strong berry, and I prefer more citrus.  However, I’m thrilled with the consistency!  w00t!  Jump6