You Know You Have Big Boobs When…

You can perform magic with them.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, I can make a CD completely disappear, using only my cleavage!

You can hide things UNDER your boobs, and they’ll stay there.

You have really, truly, lost things in your cleavage before.

You walk toward a mirror naked, and realize why they’re called “knockers”…they really do knock together with each step!

Your boobs are a convenient popcorn catcher at the movies.  And yes, you can lick the popcorn up off your boobs without having to reach for it.

Your entire hand can be hidden in your cleavage.  (And my hands are not dainty.)

You jump off the bottom step and your boobs give a resounding SLAP!

Your boobs don’t fit behind all restaurants booths – sometimes you have to just pick ‘em up and set ‘em on the table.

You hide your hands under your boobs when they’re cold.