Day 7 – Four Memories

Day 7 - Four Memories 1-26-13

Four Memories

  1. Happy…  The day me and my Daddy became “me and my Daddy”.  Skype happy  We had read about it, thought about it, talked about it, and on October 5th, 2012, we finally decided to be about it!  Roll2  I remember waking up the next morning beaming from ear to ear and thinking, “I have a Daddy!”  Not just any Daddy…MY Daddy.  Who is, by the way, utterly wonderful.  *purrs happily*  No one I’ve ever been with before has held a candle to his way of being.  I love you, Daddy!
  2. Scary…  While driving down a two-lane mountain road at 40 MPH, I rounded a corner only to see a car speeding towards me in my lane, with an unbroken line of cars to their right, a cliff to their left, and nowhere to go but straight into me.  We both slammed on our brakes and stopped twelve inches away from each others’ bumpers.  Apparently they thought it was a brilliant idea to try to pass an endless line of cars, going up a mountain, around a curve.  None Smilie  The bitch proceeded to glare at me, since clearly it was my fault that she nearly rammed me head-on being a fucking idiot trying to pass in a no-pass zone around a mountainside.  That was the first time I used the f-word in front of my mom.  She started bawling as I drove away.  I was shaking for about twenty minutes.  She never chastised me for my language.  Tongue Smilie
  3. Crazy…  At my first job, I had a pretty flirtastic manager.  He was twenty years older than me, married, with five kids.  At his 40th birthday party, he sidled up to me outside and told me to go upstairs and lay down next to his wife and he would follow me up.  Yep, that’s right, bi threesome for the sweet, innocent Christian girl.  Um.  I was tempted.  But I still said no.  BigGrin
  4. Awesome…  When I was sixteen, my best friend and I went on a (chaperoned) road trip to another state to see our favorite band, Plus One.  We met some of the guys before the concert and got lots of pictures and autographs and they did magic tricks for us and all kinds of stuff.  Then after the concert, we went through the autograph line…twice.  Then, their manager told me where they were having dinner.  So we got to go hang out with them for several hours, it was great.  We mingled with Plus One as well as their opening act.  A few of the guys sat in the booth with us and we just chatted about all kinds of things for a long time, took more pictures, and just chilled together.  It was awesommmme!

Here are Daddy’s.  Love2

Four Memories

  1. My Baby and I were talking earlier about dreams, and I related a particularly intense dream I had a long time ago about an arsonist setting fire to the house where my family and I lived. It was a very vivid dream, so it’s stuck in my memory.
  2. My surprise on my 17th birthday when I received my dog Jubal. I’d wanted a dog for awhile, but Dad always said he hated dogs and didn’t want one. I’d pretty much just accepted that it wasn’t happening. Then both Mom and Grandma got involved. My sister woke me up of a Saturday and we drove to Grandma’s. I knew it was birthday stuff, but when mom came walking out with a copy paper box the LAST thing I expected was a puppy. One of the very few times in my life I’ve been speechless.
  3. Getting pulled over for a DWI because I was drinking cream soda. I used to know where I could get liter glass bottles of IBC Cream Soda by the case. There was no label, the IBC logo and all that were just molded into the glass. So when a cop drove by, all the saw was me swigging an amber fluid from a liter-sized glass bottle. Made for an interesting story…
  4. Meeting my Baby. I was massively depressed and considering suicide, and I went to a depression chat room as a coping mechanism. Little did I know I was going to meet someone who would rock my world there. I didn’t actually know she was even a girl at first, cuz her pseudonym was gender ambiguous. I thought she was a guy. Boy was I in for a surprise… (and she loved springing that surprise.)

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