Day 3 – Eight Things That Annoy You

Day 3 - Eight Things That Annoy You 1-22-13

Eight Things That Annoy You

  1. Computer problems.  I have no patience for it, it drives me up the wall if things are freezing or the internet cuts out for no apparent reason, or things run slow…
  2. Back-seat drivers.  Passenger drivers.  Other drivers on the road.  Anyone in my way.  People.  None Smilie
  3. Inefficiency.
  4. When I don’t pick up a new skill very quickly.
  5. Commercials.
  6. Faked niceness by bitchy people who think life is their own personal stage.
  7. Anyone with a weak handshake or a disturbing lack of eye contact.
  8. When my hair won’t stay behind my ears or becomes otherwise itchy, hot, or frustrating.
  9. People who talk in the movie theater, or crackle their snacks loudly, or bring their kids to a scary movie, or bring their babies to any movie.  Angry5

And here’s my Daddy’s!

Eight Things that Annoy Me

  1. Vacuous and vapid people.
  2. Manipulative people.
  3. People (in particular girls, but guys do it too) who use their charm, looks, or sexual appeal to manipulate others. (I included this one because it especially annoys me. Number 2 does annoy me significantly, but this one annoys me far more.)
  4. Fake people
  5. Repetition
  6. Metal on metal, specifically things like a metal utensil scraping against a pot or pan
  7. The sound made when nails are run across a finely stripped material. Some jeans have it, some restaurant upholstery, etc.
  8. People who don’t listen.

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