Day 20 – The Last Song Alphabetically

The Last Song Alphabetically In Your iPod/iTunes

“Zorro’s Theme” by James Horner from The Mask Of Zorro

*squee*  Another awesome song!  This music reminds me a bit of the score from El Cid.  Both fabulous film scores.  I love The Mask Of Zorro, and of course, Antonio Banderas…  Though this isn’t my favorite song from the movie, it’s pretty high up there.  My favorites are the music Zorro and Elena dance to, and of course, “I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You” by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena.

Heeeere’s Daddy’s!

The Last Song Alphabetically in My iTunes

I couldn’t resist anymore. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts FTW!  “45” was the last song in my list probably because it’s an actual number, as opposed to a letter. The song is rather fitting to the AMV, in my opinion. I love being a nerd…  tongue


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