Day 18 – Love But Rarely Listen Song

A Song That You Love But Rarely Listen To

I have a decent number of these, because my iTunes has been fucked up for a really long time, so I haven’t burned any new CD’s in ages.  Sad day, yo.

“The Way” by Fastball

I’m crazy about this song but I always forget what it’s called and who performs it, so I go like a year without listening to it, then stumble across it and GlompObsess for a few days.  bigrazz

“Heart Of Glass” by Blondie

I know this song from somewhere a long time ago, and I don’t know where, but I just recently found it again.  I really like it but I don’t own it yet and it’s easy to forget who sings it.

Daddy’s song!  :)

A Song That I Love but Rarely Listen To

This is a song I really like, and it pretty much exemplifies my life and my attitude. That’s how I feel my life has gone. As long as I can remember I feel like I’ve been knocked down, over and over. But each time I get back up and keep going. And that is the way I want it. I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down. The reason I hardly ever listen to it though is because it’s damn REPETITIVE. Every once in awhile I’ll start listening to it, but one verse and one chorus I move on because I know it’s just going to repeat the same thing over after that.


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