Day 15 – A Song You Love Singing Along To

A Song You Love Singing Along To

Honestly, I love singing, so if I’m home alone, I’ll sing along to anything, or just sing whatever pops into my head.  So I struggled a bit with this Challenge, by way of overload.  Roll2  Instead of listing everything, I just picked the first that stood out to me…

“Love Crusade” by Michael W. Smith

This song is particularly fun to sing along to, because of the rap section in the middle.  I remember being somewhere around ten or twelve when I sat down with the cassette insert and memorized the lyrics to the rap and worked on doing it as fast as Smitty.  Skype Old giggle  Good times, good times…

Aaaand here’s Daddy’s!

A Song I Love Singing Along To

So this was probably the toughest challenge yet. Not because it took a lot of thought, but because I sing along with EVERYTHING. Finally I just pared it down to a list of songs that I can’t resist singing along with. I have a ton of songs that I love singing along with, and I’ll skip around on my mp3 player to find a song I feel like singing. But the above is a list of songs that if they come on I will actually stop conversations and turn them up, because I just can’t help myself. I HAVE to sing along with them, for one reason or another.


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