Day 10 – A Song By Your Favorite Band

A Song By Your Favorite Band

“Missing Person” by Michael W. Smith

Smitty has been my favorite singer since I was a kid.  I’ve gone through shy crushes on him, to being obsessed, to being deeply in love, then finally resting at respect for quite awhile.  He’s not really in my current musical life but I will always love him.  I wish he’d come out with another pop CD, already…

“Start To Fly” by Plus One

I was squeal-crazy over the boys in Plus One when I was fifteen or so.  I still have massive posters of them tucked in my closet…I actually had them all displayed until three years ago when we moved into this house.  So into my twenties?  Yeah.  *giggles and hides*  Jason Perry was my favorite for the majority of the obsession, though towards the end (after he broke my heart by leaving the band), I started leaning towards Nathan Walters.  Gotta love curly hair…

“Electric City” by The Black Eyed Peas

This band just makes me feel GOOD, damn it, and at this point in my life, that’s really all I can ask for.  They have been my constant commute companions for many a summer, and served me well by psyching me up for overtime at work.  Tonight’s gonna be a good night!

“Far Away” by Nickelback

I’m deeply in love with Chad’s voice.  That’s really where it’s at.  Some of their songs make me cry, some make me wanna snog, shag, and otherwise slake my lust.  Ahem…yeah…

“Jesus Of Suburbia” by Green Day

Gotta love eyeliner.  I’m not sure I can officially declare Green Day as one of my favorite bands, because I really have only given serious play-time to American Idiot, of all their bazillion albums…  But given how much I love that particular one, I’ve always listed them as one of my favorite bands.

“The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring

I really know nothing about the band itself but I just God damn LOVE their music!  Can’t tell you how many times I’d be listening to the radio and go, “Ooh, I love that song, who is that?”  The Offspring.  None Smilie  Yeahhh…

“One Shot 2 Shot” by Eminem

I’ll unashamedly declare it, I freaking love Eminem!  Sick beats, sexy voice, creepy lyrics, it’s all great.  BigGrin

Here’s Daddy’s!

A Song by My Favorite Band

For a long, long time my favorite song was “Monster” by Skillet. It just spoke to me on a deep and personal level. I haven’t heard every song by Skillet, but I’ve heard many. Of them, these are the ones I liked best and moved me the most. I like Skillet because their songs frequently have an intensity to them that I can get into, yet they aren’t so overboard or intense I can’t identify with them or understand them (like with some metal). They just grab me and take me on a journey, and I love it. Interestingly enough, they are a Christian band, which I did not know when I first started listening to them. Evidently they are a group of Christians who looked around and realized that most “alternative” rock didn’t really reach the intended audience, or any audience past Christians who didn’t want to listen to mainstream rock for religious reasons. (Which is to say, a lot of it sucked.) Skillet wanted to reach not only Christians, but also non-Christians, and they succeeded. They built a band based on the MUSIC and just let their Christianity come along with it. Which, to me, as a non-Christian without a lot of hope for Christianity, is the way it OUGHT to be done.


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