Day 6 – A Song That Reminds You Of A Best Friend

A Song That Reminds You Of A Best Friend

“I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz

We started out as best friends, and now I’m his Baby.  Love2  This song was in the running to be “our song”, but Daddy personally latched onto it so intensely that it will always remind me of him.  Parts of it fit us and make me think about all the love, but I always see him singing it in my head and think of all the positive things he’s got going on in his life right now.  I’m honored to be a part of it and I respect all the growth I’ve seen in him as well as what he cultivates in me.  I love my Daddy!

The following song couldn’t be more different – I apologize for the whiplash.  ;)

“Liar” by Living Sacrifice

This song was introduced to me by Ryan, who only listened to metal, when I was sixteen.  He tried to help me find my metal groove but I never could.  Still, of all the songs he introduced me to, this was my favorite.  It doesn’t say anything about the relationship between us, but it always makes me think about him and remember the journey we had together for the better part of a decade.  He was my longest-lasting friend.

“Let It Go” by Gavin DeGraw

This song is for Honey.  Technically we were best friends, as I refused to date at the time, but we’ve since agreed that we were pretty much in a relationship.  I ended things because of a perceived betrayal, but I’m not really sure it was legitimate.  He’s tried to make it up to me and earn my trust back but I was convinced it was all broken.  I do still care for him though, and we’ve talked a few times this year.  This song always makes me sad and miss him, and wish things had taken a different course.

Here are Daddy’s songs!  :)

A Song that Reminds Me of a Best Friend 

Both these songs remind me of one of my BEST friends in my life right now, my Baby. “Hotel California” has special significance because it is a song we both like. I’m not sure why I identify this song with her and not a variety of other songs we both like, but I do. Any time I hear it I’m reminded of her, and I love that. The next is a lullaby by Kenny Loggins about ponies. My Baby loves ponies, it’s a sweet lullaby, and I learned about it via her so now it reminds me of her as well. I love you, Baby. <3

This is the actual official version by Nickelback, but the song actually reminds me strongly of another friend who was a pivotal figure in my life for a long time, Schmitty. During a time in my life when things seemed so terribly dark and hopeless she was there for me. Though she was not known for emotional gestures, in fact, she struggled powerfully with a kind of, “out of sight, out of mind” thing, I received an e-mail one day… Attached to it was a video of her playing her guitar and singing this song for me. She had heard it, thought of me, and unbeknownst to me had learned the song so she could play it for me and sing it for me. So it has a very powerful message for me, and I am very grateful to her.

This song always makes me think of one of my best friends, and past roommate, Biggin. He’s a big ol’ guy (hence the name Biggin) with a big heart to match. A redneck through and through, and he loves his country music. He introduced me to this song, and it’s now in my top 5. Thank you Biggin!


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