Day 5 – A Song That Is Often Stuck In Your Head

A Song That Is Often Stuck In Your Head

“Whenever You Need Somebody” by Natalie Grant and Plus One

Yes, it’s a boy band song.  Tongue Smilie  Deal widdit.  Plus One was my favorite band during my teens and I still have a major soft spot for them.  They disbanded years ago and went their separate ways, though some are still in the music industry.  In any case, truth be told, it’s been years since I actually listened to this song on CD because it’s on Natalie Grant’s album so I just never think about sticking it in…however, it’s a song I hear in my head constantly and if I’m alone, you’ll most definitely find me singing along, boy band hand motions included.

“Think Of Me” by Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson from The Phantom Of The Opera

This song has been floating around my head since the day I first saw the 2004 film version of The Phantom Of The Opera.  I’ve been in love with the story since then and have steeped myself in all the various forms of it I could get my hands on, including the original book and five film versions…I’ve seen the show at a local dinner theater, seen the Broadway tour twice, and gone to see it on Broadway itself in New York.  I have 20 GB of Phantom-related media on my computer, including soundtracks in a smattering of eleven languages.  So cover your ears, I sing every note of this song with gusto…and yes…I can hit them all.  Wink Grin Smilie 1  Totes done bragging about Phantom stuff now!  *giggles and scampers off*

Daddy’s songs!

A Song that is Often Stuck in My Head

“The Fever” by Garth Brooks

I cannot actually say why this song gets stuck in my head so often, but it does. It seems random, but occasionally it’ll click into my head and it just won’t go away! I think it is ingrained in me because when I was younger I worked to try to memorize it. I never fully succeeded, so I think maybe it just gets caught in there, skipping?

Edit: The video that was linked was removed, and I was unable to find another suitable video. All the versions I found were either live and had lots of crappy extraneous noise, were covers and thus not Garth Brooks, or were Karaoke versions and thus still not Garth Brooks. Lamesauce.

This one I know why it gets stuck in my head. While I was taking ASL this past semester I saw a video of someone signing this song. A young man (who is kinda cute…) signs this song rather animatedly and happily. Though the song itself doesn’t capture me as much, he did. So now occasionally the song gets stuck in my head.


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