Day 2 – Most Recent Ex Song

A Song That Reminds You Of Your Most Recent Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend

“And Your Bird Can Sing” by The Beatles

E isn’t an official ex, but I’m gonna say it was the most recent close relationship I’ve had, so that’s who I’m going with.  E loved The Beatles, as do I, though I will admit I prefer The Beach Boys.  This song doesn’t exactly have special significance for the relationship, it’s just a song E introduced me to, and I really love it, so it’s naturally associated.  :)

Daddy’s song!

A Song that Reminds Me of My Most Recent Ex

“Heaven” by DJ Sammy

Initially I was going to use the song “Heaven” by DJ Sammy, but as I listened to it again and read the words I realized… Yes, there are still some parts about that song that remind me of my ex (particularly the portion about “thinking about our younger years. There was only you and me, we were young and wild and free”), but the rest of the song, the MAJORITY of the song, just did NOT remind me of her. In fact, everything else about the song actually made me think more of my Baby. So I scrapped that song quickly. Then, as I reflected on things, the song “Boiler” by Limp Bizkit came to mind. To be clear, the song does not reflect how I feel about my ex now. Nor did she really do anything truly wrong. It was I who did something(s) wrong, and I don’t blame her for how the relationship ended. But, I was deeply in love with her so things ending HURT. Then, somewhere along the way, that hurt I felt turned to anger. I do not regret the relationship, and given a chance I wouldn’t go back and change anything. But because of the hurt and the anger, I latched onto this song and tied it to how I felt about her at one point. Now, I can’t hear it without thinking of her and that pain. In particular the chorus always makes me think of her. I’m a nice guy, and though I screw up I always try to give my best. So…

Why did I have to go meet somebody like you? 
Why did you have to go hurt somebody like me? 
How could you do somebody like that? 
Hope you know that I’m never comin’ back


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