Day Eight – Three Turn Ons

The Phantom Of The Opera - The Phantom And Christine Huge 11

Three Turn Ons

  1. Vulnerability.  This takes self-awareness, trust, courage, and honesty, all rolled into one.  A man who knows who he is and isn’t afraid to show that to me is an incredible turn-on, because I know I’m getting the real deal, no holds barred.
  2. Being held from behind.  I will melt.  And want to have endless kinky tumbles in the sheets with you.  And fall in love with you.  And possibly, accidentally, but justifiably, refer to you as The Phantom.  While singing.  To a violent crescendo.  Yeah.
  3. Being told to hold still/relax/don’t cum, while you make it impossible for me to do so.  Something about trying to calm down just makes the stimulation that much more intense, and pushes me right over the edge.  Phwoar!

Aaaand Daddy’s list!

Three Turn-Ons 

  1. Natural cuteness. I don’t know why, but there’s something seductively sweet about a cute girl. I would even say that for me, cuteness ranks higher than sexy. If you show me a dolled up, sleek and slinky, lusciously sexy girl and a girl who is innocently sweet, adorable, and just maddeningly cute… Gimmie the CUTE one. What I mean by NATURALLY cute is I don’t like faked cuteness. I like relaxed cuteness. So a girl who is all dressed in the school uniform with pigtails and a lollipop… Actually, that’s a bit of a turn OFF for me. I’m just not big on that outfit or roleplay. What I mean is a girl who isn’t TRYing to be cute. A girl who just IS cute.
  2. This may sound a bit cliché, but being in love. If you were to take identical twins, make them both identically cuter than I can stand, dress the same, talk the same, same attitudes, same, same, same everything, but then one of them is hopelessly head over heels in love with me and the other isn’t? They could both be doing the exact same thing and somehow the one I’m in love with and who is in love with me will turn me on faster and more powerfully than the other. (Which isn’t to say the other wouldn’t… :D Just saying the one who we love each other is going to turn me on faster, more, and better.)
  3. I am aware that the previous two are more about personality and circumstance than anything a girl can really DO, so here’s a pretty big turn on that is more associated with outfits/roleplay. I love me a cowgirl. Put on those daisy dukes and cowboy boots, grab your cowboy hat, and saddle up. HERE’S where some pigtails will drive me crazy, and a western shirt tied above the tummy. All this put together and you’re sure to have this cowboy strapping in for an all-night rodeo.

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