Day Seven – Four Turn Offs

Four Turn Offs

  1. Liars.  This is pretty basic and should go without saying.  If you lie to me, there’s no way in hell I’ll get into or stay in a relationship with you.  I am all about the honesty and I will not tolerate lies and deceit, no matter how inconsequential.  I want the truth, even when it hurts.
  2. Hypocrites.  Let’s just say my sperm donor was a massive hypocrite and anyone even slightly reminiscent of him gets a big red NO stamped on their foreheads.  Walk your talk, be real, be consistent, and don’t bullshit.  Thanks.
  3. Uncut cocks.  Sorry boys, it just creeps me out.  I feel bad about it but that’s just the way it rubs me.  :P  I could deal if it were always hard when I saw/touched it…which c’mon, let’s admit it, is highly likely…but still…soft, uncut cocks I simply cannot do.
  4. Beards.  I know this is a tad strange but I just can’t deal with beards.  I find them backwoodsly and utterly unsexy, not to mention I do not cherish the idea of kissing scratchy hair.  A nice little goatee or soul patch is alright on some men.

Daddy’s answers!

Four Turn Offs 

  1. Snobby/stuck up people. I don’t just mean rich or high class. I mean people who have something, they KNOW they have whatever it is, and they flaunt it and use it to manipulate. The stereotypical jock/cheerleader, the girl who knows she’s pretty and uses it to get whatever she wants, the intellectual who schemes and connives, or pretty much anyone who has some for of “status” and uses it for personal gain.
  2. Manipulation is also big turn off to me. A BIG one. I don’t like being manipulated or controlled in any way. I suppose I’m transparent and naïve, but I’d much rather just ask for something than cheat or connive to get it. I’d rather have honest communication and understanding than backstabbing and underhanded acquisition.
  3. Stupidity. Sometimes I feel bad about this one, because I am impatient with unintelligent people. But it’s not so much a lack of brain power that I cannot stand. I have centuries and a half of patience with those who have diminished capacity. The elderly, children, down syndrome, and so on have yet to pose a problem for me. I will readily admit I haven’t had a job where I’ve had to deal with such people all day, every day. But I’ve known a person or three who fit into the category of diminished capacity, and I found the patience to be understanding of them. No… where I find my patience drawing short is with people who DO have brains, but don’t use them. People who have the mental capability, but don’t use it. I’m not referring to foolishness or making mistakes, because anyone who knows me knows I’ve definitely made my fair share. I just mean people who do don’t THINK. About life, about themselves, about the world around them. People who, when you explain a educational or scholastic concept to them just give you an uncomprehending blank look. And there is a difference between ignorance and unintelligence. Ignorance is when you have not yet been taught. Someone who is unintelligent can’t be, or worse, REFUSES to be taught. There’s the crux. Someone who refuses to learn. That is the defining moment of this rather long-winded passage. Someone who REFUSES TO LEARN.
  4. Childish people. I wish to differentiate childish from child-like. To me, my Baby is sometimes child-like. She likes participating in child activities such as coloring, she likes to be comforted in a child-like way such as being held and snuggling, she sometimes likes to be treated in a child-like manner, and so on. This is part of the Daddy/Babygirl dynamic. But she is not childish. She does not throw a temper tantrum when she does not get her way. She make joke about pouting, but in truth when something is bothering her she tells me and we approach it in a mature, if potentially child-like manner. (I know, sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it?) Someone who is childish still reacts with the irresponsible, immature childish reactions. (Tantrums, pouting, petulance, petty, and so on.) Someone who is childish just exhibits irresponsible, childish behavior as a lifestyle. It drives me crazy, and not in the good way.

Bonus: I can’t stop at just the 4; because after talking about childishness I MUST also talk about people go in the other direction. I can’t stand the crazy, anal-retentive, no sense of humor, dour, always serious, never cracks a smile, overly sensitive, thin skinned type of person who I’m pretty sure would shatter into a billion pieces if they just let go and had some fun. Life is short and nobody gets out alive, so don’t take it too seriously. I do enjoy life and love to have fun. So stuffy, rigid people are a big turn off for me.

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