Things That Make Me Happy…

Things that make me happy…and a few dislikes at the end, too!  I’ll be updating this little guy on an ongoing basis.  :)

~Things That Make Me Happy~

Sunrises and sunsets

Knowing exactly where everything is in my room even when it looks like a tornado just hit

Sparkle lamps

Soft blankets

Challenging myself

Watching my family change and grow

Sweet Pea fragrances…body mist, shower gel, etc.

Buying and wrapping presents for other people

Cool and overcast days

The smell of snow

Holidays with the relatives


Watching dance

Good food


Snuggling animals, stuffed or real

My niece

Cute things

Bright colors

Complimenting people


Banana strings

Bad drivers who look at you like it’s your fault

When you’re lonely and everyone you want is gone

Being bored

Suddenly realizing it’s dark outside and the day is gone


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