Day Three – Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

  1.  Be unique.  This can garner my rapt attention right off the bat.  Mysterious men can go a long way with me.  I’m a curious kitten so that naturally piques my interest and makes me want to find out more.  I’m a sucker for The Phantom type.  Just remember, playing hard to get can enamor me early on, but you can’t stay emotionally inaccessible on a permanent basis…  While I might stay in love with you for longer, I will inevitably leave to find someone I can deeply connect with.  Girls are the ones who really cash in on uniqueness, for me.  I tend to go for relatable guys, but girls that I don’t understand fascinate and draw me in.  I become captivated by girls who are entirely different from me, and it turns me quite dreamy-eyed.
  2. Be engaging.  No matter how mesmerizing you are, if you can’t engage me after first snagging my attention, I will wander away.  I crave deep connection.  I am all about honesty.  If you are guarded and dodge the deep stuff, it’s just not gonna work.  Besides sharing in each others’ deeper issues, I just need someone who is all-around engaging.  Someone who is curious, open-minded, loves to discuss anything and everything, and has an OPINION, even if it’s wrong…and can admit it on occasions when that happens.  ;)  If the time comes when we can think of nothing to talk about, I will be leaving.
  3. Be honest.  To yourself and to me.  Know thyself.  Then tell me who you are.  I don’t want to know the You that acts cool at the party.  I don’t want to know the You that acts big and tough for your friends.  I want to know the You that you’re afraid others won’t accept.  The You that says exactly what they mean to say.  The You that you don’t like.  The You that encapsules all the other versions of yourself in the same soul.  Be honest with me, because that’s the Me I will let you see.
  4. Be respectful.  I’m still a Lady and I still want you to be my Knight.  It’s sexy, people!  Yes, still.  I may play myself off as a slut sometimes but that isn’t because I’m easy, or because I’m desperate, or because I’m sexually addicted…well, okay, those have all been true at some point in my life, but that’s not the root of the slutaciousness.  The truth is, my self-esteem is in the red, that’s the minus side of zero, sparky, and I don’t believe I’m worthy of respect.  But I’m trying to work on that by respecting myself like I haven’t done in too many years, and it would be just fabulous if you could try to respect me, too.  Not only will it make us both feel good, but it will make me think higher of you, and let’s face it, everyone’s goal in life is to be thought of highly by me, right?  ;)
  5. Be there.  It appears that my love language is “quality time together”.  I have abandonment issues, I have rejection issues, I have issues, mm’kay, and it’s very important for me that you have the desire and ability to spend copious amounts of time with me.  I’m like a little kid with an absentee dad…it doesn’t matter what we do, so long as we do it together.  I know, I’m a walking cliché.  But if you go social butterflying all over town and leave me all alone and lonely, odds are I will not stick around, because frankly, I cannot take the time apart and the way my emotions and mind twist things around to make me feel unloved because of it.  Spend time on me though, and really be present when you do?  You’ll be on the road to success.  Provided, of course, you’re unique, engaging, honest, and respectful, plus the next three items on my snazzy little list, here.  ;)
  6. Be cool.  Have glide in your stride, damn it!  Hang loose, chillax, unwind those twisted knickers, forget about the schedule, blow off that thing, and come snuggle with me!  Love sarcasm and use it as the art form it is.  Play around, don’t judge my silliness, tickle me when I’m trying to be sexy, and tell that totally inappropriate joke.  In a word…banter!
  7. Be curious.  Thirst for knowledge, soak up life, change and discover and expand!  Don’t argue with me – discuss with me, and don’t ever stop bringing up new things, hard things, boring things, little things.  Seek answers, question standards, think for yourself, and break the mold.  Listen to others, have something to say, push yourself, push me, and let’s find out just who we are and where we end up.
  8. Be Daddy.  Wow, that was easy.  Why did I write all this, again?  My Daddy’s got this.  Mwah!  I love you, Daddy!!!

And here’s my Daddy’s list!  :)

8 Ways to Win My Heart

  1. Cuteness. Being genuinely cute is a good way to catch my eye and heart. I say genuinely, because if I found out its fake you’ll lose my heart just as quick. This is only the beginning though.
  2. HONESTY. This is not only something that will capture my heart, fast, but it is essential for me. Trust is important in every relationship, but it is vastly more important to me for deeper relationships. Even little white lies would be difficult for me to handle. I can forgive easily, but every little lie puts a hairline crack in my trust.
  3. Being able to communicate is a big thing for me as well. I’m not entirely sure if it’s something I REQUIRE or NEED… But it is a BIG deal to me. A huge attractant, as well as a way to hold my heart tight. Being able to communicate effectively is something that’s going to make me fall fast.
  4. Hand in hand with the previous, self-awareness is something that will draw me in and I really like. Not only being able to communicate, but also being aware enough about yourself and the world around you and able to analyze what is going on, why, and how it makes you feel are all highly attractive things for me.
  5. Still along the same path, and the proverbial third side of a triangle, is articulation. This is similar to communication, but subtly different. Communication to me is making yourself understood. That can be done with big words, small words, lots of words, a few words, or even no words. It can be done through touch, a look, or simple gestures. Articulation is more about how you communicate. Eloquence and efficient articulation are very attractive to me.
  6. Talking about eloquence and articulation reminds me how much intelligence reels me in. I’m a smart cookie, and to my detriment I have little patience for unintelligent people. I don’t necessarily mean a lot of education or book learning, because I’ve met a people who have college degrees but are just not very smart. I mean just plain smart. Being able to talk to someone intelligently and not get blank looks. Being able to explain something and be understood. Stuff like that.
  7. Humility. I’m actually talking with my Baby right now, and a joke I made caused me to think of this one. I don’t mean putting yourself down or refusing to admit your qualities. I mean not being prideful or arrogant. Nobody is perfect, and being humble is actually important to me. One of my biggest turn OFFS is a bitch who knows she’s sexy/pretty/whatever and FLAUNTS it. I do like a sassy attitude, but there’s a line there. So even if you ARE beautiful, grace and humility add to that and enhance it. Specific example: What a guy says, “wow… you’re beautiful” the cute, sexy, and enthralling answer is a soft blush and, “thank you…” A sassy flaunt and graceful, “thank you honey!” is also cute and would bring a smile. But a, “psh, whatever, I look stupid in the frock”, a “no, I look ugly and ridiculous”, or even, “aw hell yeah, I know I do, lets get this partay ON!” are all actually UNattractive answers for me.
  8. So the last thing that is really coming to mind is: Get to know ME. It kinda encompasses everything that is on this list, and everything that isn’t. The biggest thing that will ensnare my heart and hog-tie it is being interested in ME. Not just waiting your turn to talk, but actually truly listening and trying to understand. I don’t expect everybody to “get me” perfectly. But seeing you try, seeing you put in time and effort, and seeing you actually show a genuine interest in me, my interests, my thoughts, my dreams, my desires, my fears, my life, my past, and what makes me tick. If you dig in and truly try to learn about me, put a vested interest in, then along the way you will find my heart.

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