Unappreciated Married Men and Cyber Sex

I’ve talked and cybered with so many married men, and it’s definitely had an impact on my rather elaborate theory on marriage; besides everyone I have known and observed in real life. But what kills me is that the most intense, electric, sexual, and absolutely addicting men I’ve come into contact with have been married men in their 40’s and 50’s. It gives me so many reactions and so much to think about, I feel like I’m going to explode. What is wrong with their wives?

I’ve since cut off contact, but I used to know a married man who was the epitome of what I sought in a sexual partner… Enthusiastic beyond description, passionate, attentive, appreciative, enthralled, rough, gentle, sweet, demanding, safe, dangerous, creative, accepting, dom, sub. While I barely knew him on a personal level, I have never been so close to someone on an emotionally sexual level. It was intoxicating. He truly is the type of man I would want to marry, if I ever did, from a sexual aspect.

He told me countless times how unresponsive his wife was, sexually. I asked if he showed the same kind of passion with her as he did with me, and he said he did, and she enjoyed it, but she just laid there and took it. It infuriates me that women like that exist…and they’re stealing MY men!!! I had this absolutely amazing man wrapped around my finger with just a willing expression of responsiveness… It makes me sad, and sick, that that was all it really took to bring out these incredible qualities in a man, and no one else was doing it for him. I told him multiple times that if I were to choose who to give my virginity to, it would be him. He exemplified all the things I need and want in a man, and I know he would have taken care of me…and reveled in it with honor.

I only wish I could gather up all of these sex-starved men, so desperate for affection, respect, and validation, and let them all experience what he and I had. I feel like so many married men today are subdued…they’ve given up on that passion, and the idea that it even still exists out there for them. It is such a waste, and so disheartening…when there are girls out there like me, dreaming about them and desiring them. Now, if only we could get me over this virginity hump, maybe I’ll open up for business and start “appreciating” them one by one. :D JK

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