Submission Is A Gift

Yes, it’s true, I’m a virgin. But I’ve been doing some serious thinking about so many sexual issues lately… And for me, I know for a fact if I were involved sexually, I would be a “switch”. Not a perpetual top, or bottom, but in a constant flow of motion, aggressive and submissive, playing by feel for what we want that day or that hour. I love all aspects of both and am very eager to experience it all with someone who isn’t afraid to continually play with me and switch roles around. I love a good fight and for me, there would be no pleasure in submission (whether myself or in a man) if there weren’t a fight for dominance.

Maybe this is just my take on it, but I think the moment that sub stops fighting each time, stops making it a power struggle, it turns from a sexy achieved dominance to passionless “abuse” of a person who simply rolls over and takes it. For me, the thrill would be in the fight for who is top, and in the beauty of one finally submitting…that’s what I find so sensual about submission…that it is a choice. I think it’s a choice that should be made each time; if it is just assumed, where is the fun? How can you appreciate something too easily obtained? There can be no pleasure in apathy…but pleasure in the ability to dampen the fire…a fire that will flame up again tomorrow, or an hour from now. Without fight, there can be no victory. You can’t rape the willing. ;)


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