My Babygirl Traits

I received a message today asking what my Babygirl side is like. I had not yet taken time to write down my discoveries thus far… But I’m jumping at the opportunity, now! I’ll be adding to it as I learn more on this wonderful, yet sometimes difficult, journey. :)

First, back story: How I discovered I’m a Babygirl. What led me to becoming a Babygirl. Musings from early on. Now for the fun part…

Finding A Real Daddy

I believe I’ve always been a Babygirl; yet when I count, I’ve only been “active” for about three or four months, total. It wasn’t until November 2011 that I found myself in a Daddy/daughter situation. That relationship was intense but deservedly short-lived, and thus I was without a Daddy until October 2012 when my friend and lover asked me to be his Baby. <3

So while my actual experience is limited, here’s what I’ve learned about myself so far…

My Babygirl Traits

  • I love stuffed animals and bright, happy colors.
  • I like coloring for my Daddy – he hangs my colorings up on his fridge!
  • I need to feel safe with my Daddy and the best way is for him to lay on top of me and press me deep into the bed or couch.
  • I almost always need to be in “physical contact” with him – snuggling, kissing, nestling into his body, or petting his back.
  • I am very eager to please my Daddy, even though I’m normally pretty dominant and stubborn. He brings out the quieter, submissive side of me, and the thought of me disappointing him is excruciatingly painful to me.
  • I definitely love to be sexual with my Daddy. I am very curious and love finding out about sex and what makes Daddy feel good.
  • I’m timid at first but my curiosity will often take over, and I love touching. Once I learn how to touch in ways Daddy likes I get much more confident and addicted to it.
  • I love Disney movies.
  • I love sucking on Daddy’s thumb, especially when he spoons me from behind and wraps me up tight in his arms while I fall asleep.
  • I have twice dropped into a place where I fully worship my Daddy’s body. All I can call it is love-drunk adoration. I love how I feel when I’m like this.
  • I go to Daddy for comfort – I don’t want to be anywhere else but hiding under him.
  • I love it when Daddy makes me laugh and giggle.
  • I can be very emotionally fragile and feel very intense things when I’m little, but Daddy will hold me.
  • I like teasing Daddy sometimes, and I like it when he shoves me against the wall and pins me there.
  • I like giving Daddy’s Dragon hugs, even when he looks at me funny.
  • I love horses and my sheets even have ponies on them!
  • Sometimes I’m too shy to ask, but if I see someone giving out balloons I always want one.
  • I’m curious about having a sister.
  • I’m curious about having a binkie.
  • The dark is a safety blanket for me. I love hiding under the blankets with Daddy in our own warm little world.
  • My communication drops substantially when I regress, and I have trouble expressing myself, often using emoticons or very small sentences.
  • I can be very shy, and want Daddy to be the one to pull my clothes off when I’ve regressed.
  • I eat my cinnamon graham crackers upside down. :)
  • I name all my stuffed animals…and all my plants.
  • I love swinging and going down slides at the park.
  • I love Goldfish crackers, AKA “Fishie Crackers”.

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