Discovering “Babygirl”

I was actually acting as a Babygirl before I knew what it was or that it had a name and a fetish community. I met a guy online and he was older. I jokingly referred to him as “Daddy” and from that moment on, the name stuck and it grew into a 24/7 roleplay. He brought Ageplay into it and again, I had no idea what that was. He never named what he was doing, just asked me what age I felt like that day. As my moods varied, I went from my real age, twenty-five to as young as six. I found it made me feel very safe to feel free to be innocent after so many years.

Ageplay and Daddy/daughter didn’t instantly turn me on, it was a slow realization that this was something that not only got me incredibly horny, but it tore me open and exposed my desperate but long-ignored need for a father figure. In the end, that man was lying to me and I had to end our relationship, but I will always be glad I discovered Ageplay, and found a piece of myself that I never understood. After I ended it, I began talking to my other friends about what we had done, and then doing research, and innocent little me discovered that it’s actually a well-known fetish. heh heh

The day I found names for what we were doing, Ageplay and Daddy/daughter roleplay, I joined this site. That was earlier this year. After that, I had a flood of understanding about not only my sexual self, but my vanilla self, as well… I looked back over the past eight years and finally saw all the stuffed animals, pretty colors, stickers, horse books, and Disney movies in a new light. I think I have always been a Babygirl, and just didn’t know or understand it. I was always ashamed of that side of me that I thought was “immature”. Now, I understand it and feel very proud of my Babygirl side. Knowing what it is has given me confidence and renewed happiness in that side of me. I’ve started coloring again and exploring this side of myself with joyful curiosity. There is a deep peace and safety in feeling little and innocent. This is not just a kinky roleplay, for me. It is something I want, need, crave, and am fulfilled by. I am a Babygirl! :)

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