Daddy/Babygirl insecurities? Take heart.

I’ve read dozens of posts from women who are worried they don’t “fit” the general concept of a Babygirl. They’re insecure about various aspects they think might “disqualify” them as Babygirls. They’re afraid they won’t find a Daddy who sees them for who they really are. Well, here’s what I’ve come to trust in…

The Daddy/Babygirl dynamic is built upon an altered sense of reality.

Daddies look past:

Bust size
Work situation
Biological children

ALL of those things should technically “break the magic spell”.

Your Babygirl is twenty, but acts twelve, or two? She’s not twelve or two so in all actuality, that’s enough to break the spell, right? But Daddies look past that.

Your Babygirl is not three-foot-nothing as a child would be.
Your Babygirl does not weigh forty pounds as a child would.
Your Babygirl has breasts when a child her Little’s age would not.
Your Babygirl can and does talk like an adult, in ways a child her Little’s age could not.
Your Babygirl may have a job, or any number of adult responsibilities that a child would not.
Your Babygirl may have children of her own, or be married to you – things no child experiences.

Do any or all of these things ruin it for the Daddies? Experience and observation tell us all, NO. This dynamic is built upon suspended reality. Daddies see us as they want to see us, despite the many concrete “grown woman” qualities we have that are staring them in the face.

While the outer shell may help Daddies and Babygirls enter into the headspace more seamlessly, it’s certainly not required that every Babygirl be a ninety pound eighteen-year-old with no boobs, who talks in toddler language. Daddies have the ability to look past things that should clearly define their girl as an adult woman, and see the sweet little girl inside who needs nurturing.

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