25 Random Things About Me

I thought I’d take some time off from my usual serious Writings, and do something fun! :)

1. I’ve never let a guy kiss me on the lips.
2. Honesty is extremely important to me.
3. I love cute owl things.
4. Big trucks turn me on.
5. I do not want kids.
6. Polyamory fascinates me and I am considering it for myself.
7. I am currently obsessed with lush, mossy terrariums.
8. When I was little, I raised Holland Lop bunnies.
9. I love singing but am extremely shy about my voice.
10. Once upon a time, I was stranded on the side of a mountain for many hours, until a man, his little daughter, and her puppy came and saved me.
11. I have abandonment issues, both fear of being left, and leaving.
12. Hot water pounding my clit is still one of my favorite ways to cum.
13. I can type 115 words per minute.
14. Pretzel M&M’s are my current favorite candy.
15. I have Major Depression.
16. During my teens I really thought God made a mistake and I was meant to come out a black ghetto guy instead of a white girl.
17. I love horses and tigers.
18. Speeding, weaving, and racing on the highway gets me horny.
19. I name all my plants.
20. Swimming in the ocean is the only thing on my bucket list.
21. I’ve been playing piano since I was around six years old.
22. Going to movies alone is something I really enjoy.
23. I love swinging. On a swing set. ;)
24. Warm, gooey cookies make me happy.
25. I have a Daddy and I am so in love with him!


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